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His album covers


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Looking at the covers only...how would you rank Eric's six solo albums? (Don't think about the music or the liner notes...just the cover.) Here's how I'd rank 'em:

#1: The Geffen: the only one he's playing an instrument, I like that he's not looking at camera, he looks cool.

#2: The Gold: nice way to introduce him on his own. Eye catching without being garish.

#3: Winter Dreams: Like the black and white, he looks confident, the only cover where he's smiling.

#4: Change of Heart: I like the art direction, but he looks like one of the Marx Brothers, from head to toe.

#5 Boats: Always liked the caligraphy, always liked the grittiness, always thought he looked like he was wearing a bra.

#6: I like the caligraphy. 'nuf said.


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Dave, do you like men in bras? eek

That mental image of Eric... well, all I can say is DON'T GO THERE!

I like the Geffen one best. After that... the Geffen one. Third choice would be.... yep, ya got it.

Seriously, I do like the Geffen one best, then Winter Dreams, then Tonight You're Mine, then Boats. The others, especially Change of Heart, I just don't like, I think he looks like Harry Anderson! <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" />

The Geffen one is one of the best pics of Eric *ever* in my book. WD is pretty much the same, except it's a more matured man, but still a superb photo. TYM, I just got a kick out of Eric playfully showing his seedy side. Boats is just "different" from an artsy point.

BTW, we're not allowed to edit posts after x-number of minutes anymore, the moderators fixed it so we can't. I don't agree with that decision, as adults, I think we reserve the right to change our minds and edit or delete our own posts, but whatever.

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Ok, so I have to be different !! :rolleyes: I've always loved the cover of "Boats.." which would be my #1, #2 is Winter Dreams...THEN the Geffen. (It's a pretty tight race between those 3.) The "Tonight You're Mine" cover doesn't do much for me....so, it's probably my least favorite. M.

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julia...no, I'm not in favor of men in bras. I work with one guy who should wear them, and another one who probably wears them on Friday nights. But in general, I'm not a guys-in-bras kinda guy.


Oh, so you like braless men? wink

Okay, okay, I'm joking, of course, I know you're really into Leprechauns!

*always after me lucky charms* happy

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