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New Beatles Book On November 1st


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The author, Bob Spitz, is the former manager for 'The Boss', Bruce Springsteen, and others. He said that the book took six days a week, for years, to write. The book has received good reviews, so far. He also said that The Beatles took Rock n' Roll music about cars and girls and gave it context, interesting chord changes, and musicianship.

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Thanks, sterling and hof63. Marv, here's where I got it, today, on the MSN.com site for October 30, 2005.

It was on two pages. Spitz spent six months in Liverpool, and he interviewed 650 people over six years.

The book starts with a remarkable evening in Liverpool, after a lengthy stay in Germany for The Beatles. Apparently, alot of practicing was going on, because, when they came back, the audience was so startled and excited about how they played that night, and that carried over to three years later, when more and more people started to here this amazing music. It also mentions how Lennon and Harrison could hardly stand being in the same room as McCartney. Many bands have gone through that scenario. But years later, the first love and respect came back amongst themselves. A few beers, I suppose, and everything was fine again.

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It was on their front page, or the MSN Entertainment News section. Paul McCartney has a concert, in Anaheim, California, on November 11th. On the MSN.com site, you can still read that story about The Beatles for about 3 hours and 23 minutes more tonight, west coast time. I never heard of Bob Spitz before, but they say he managed Bruce Springsteen some time.

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