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Happy Holidays......

Eric Carmen

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Time for me to chime in and join in the good wishes...my brain is not fully in gear so I will say "Feliz Navidad" and let my personal translation of that mean "Peace to all and happiest of holidays".


P.S. And, Eric (and everyone else), as long as Bernie's not a cylon , we should be OK. haha

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Thank you. Mr. C, for the very kind message to us all - right back atcha! To Mr. and Mrs. Terminator (kathy is definitely part cyborg too), thank you for creating this cyberworld for all of us to revel in the music and the friendship and the magic.

Happy Holidays to all my friends far and wide and be safe in your journeys. I hope Santa brings each of you what you need in the coming year. heartpumpheartpump

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Eric, Thank you and Raspberries for some of the best music of my life. The music has kept Bernie, Ken Sharp, Kathy and all the rest of us unwavering in our belief that it must be shared with the world. The music has turned dreams into reality already with the promise of so much more to come! Thanks to you and Raspberries!

Wishing you and Raspberries and your families, Bernie, Kathy and Ken and everyone on the board Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays as well as a Healthy Happy New Year and all the success the music deserves in 2007 and the coming years.

smile --Darlene

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I'm a little late but, I want to wish every one here happy and healthy holidays and many blessings for the coming New Year.

Thank you Bernie and Kathy and for loving Eric's music as much as me and having so much talent to put this all together for all of us. There is just no way to repay you for all you have done.

Thanks to you Eric we know have your thoughts here and to a fan that means so much. Thanks to you we have your beautiful, wonderful music to listen to.

I've enjoy your music and I'm sure glad it's available to listen to. Thanks for sharing. You have a wonderful GOD given talent that takes my breath away.

Thanks for the Music Eric.

Happy Holidays


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