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Happy Holidays......

Eric Carmen

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.....to everyone here at ec.com. It's been a great year, and 2007 is shaping up to be even better! Once again, a very special 'thank you' goes out to Bernie. I'm not sure when or if he sleeps. It's possible he's a cyborg, part man, part machine. In any case, you can't even imagine how much he has helped me and the Raspberries. In the real world, we could never afford him. Thanks to Kathy's generosity, we get to share him. He is truly one in a million. Thanks to each and every one of you for hangin' in there all these years. Your faith and loyalty are without equal. I wish you all a happy, healthy new year filled with love, good friends and great music. Having just watched the first five songs on the DVD in 5.1, I can pretty much guarantee you the last item. Talk to you soon, Eric

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Happy Holidays to Eric, Bernie, Kathy, and the ec.com board! It has been a wonderful experience to be a part of this board and share our thoughts, good wishes and our love for Eric's & The Raspberries music!

Enjoy the season with your families and friends.

Look forward to a wonderful 2007 - lots of new friends to be made, experiences to be relished and enjoyed!

HT(Beth) LuvLove

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Happy Holidays to you and your family

Looking forward to a great 2007.

Thanks to all who participate at this fun site.

Thank you, Eric for the great tunes, I am having a great time discovering your music.

I love all the romantic songs. They have been a big hit with my friends.

I want More!


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Thanks for that Eric. Lookin' forward to the day that the 'package' arrives. 2 cds/1 dvd worth of great FUN [very important after-all], Music and Memories. [including the new ones it'll provide]

To all the other 'members' here who helped me/shared with me/cared with me during 2006. Thanks A LOT. Your commitment goes a LONG way toward making it all work.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a GREAT '07. cool

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Bernie, there's a post you print out and frame on your wall---an Eric testimonial! Bravo... and well-deserved!

This is the only online bulletin board I've ever posted on, and I love it because of A) the music we have in common, and A) the people, from Eric and the 'Berries to Bernie and Kathy and every poster who makes it a great read. And Eric, your input takes an already-great site and makes it a must-visit destination every day.... You've answered a zillion and one questions, and it's much appreciated....

Anyway, happy holidays to all!

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All the best to you and you family this holiday season, Eric.

Is this the best board or what?? I wonder if you realize how much we appeciate your personal activity here. Thank you, thank you.

Looking forward to 2007.

Oh, a special thanks to the cyborg and his wife (Mrs. Cleaver), as well.

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I'm back already, I watched Santa Clause 2. it was great!

And you are all too.

Especially everyday of the year.

Eric, Wally ,Dave and Jim, Bernie & Kathy, Kay, all you great friends on here.

I love you all.

I will never let go of this E.c. Com

I'm sure glad I found it.

I owe it to Bernie and Kathy.

Happy Holidays to all Merry Christmas to all,

Happy New Year to all, for the coming of 2007.

Like I said, I have big plans for next year, you all will like it.

No, I will not give up my Fruit Cake,Lol

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Barbara Walters is airing a program tonight called, "Heaven, Where Is It, How Do We Get There?" Well, this place is certainly a little piece of heaven on earth pray Thanks to all who've made it that way, and Happy Holidays to you and yours! Kirk.

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Seasons Greetings from accross the pond to all my fellow EC.Commers!! This place is truly a one-off and to think about what we are about to receive after all these years is wonderful.

Thanks to Bernie and Kathy, Eric and the band and to everyone on this site for keeping the dream alive. Have a great Christmas and a peaceful New Year!

Gary santa

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