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OFFICIAL info on the L.A. Meet and Greet !!

Al K

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The M & G arrangements for the L.A. show were a bit of a challenge because although we really want to do all M & G's in the afternoon and include the sound check it's impossible to do so in L.A. as the show is on a weekday and it would be unreasonable to ask people to come to an afternoon M & G, then come back in the evening for the show...so...here's the scoop:

The L.A. Meet and Greet will be at 7:15 PM. You'll not only get to say hello to the band and get the very cool Gene Taylor concert photo autographed by the band, but you'll get PRIORITY ACCESS TO THE HALL BEFORE THE DOORS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AT 8PM!!! No waiting in line, you can get to your seat or to your place in front of the stage before anyone else!! We may have to sacrifice the number of M & G photos we take and do "group" photos (like we did at the very 1st M & G last November 26th) purely because of time constraints (we have to be done with the M & G before 8PM when the doors open so you can get your priority access).

Post any M & G questions on this thread ONLY so I can be sure to answer them all.

I also hear that the M & G tickets are going fast so get 'em while you still can!

Thanks and we'll see you in L.A.!!


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