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I can sympathize, Betty! I couldn't get my laptop OR my house desktop to process the order. I frantically called my husband to order it from work but he was at lunch and not near a computer. (I knew it could be too late by the time he got home late at night.) By this time I'm half hysterical calling my daughter, Laura, at work who was able to get the order processed and save her mother's sanity!LOL I'm in --- thank you Eric for the heads up!!!

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OK, Now, I should of found this thread first, oh, no!

Ok, Eric and everyone, I will repeat myself, I have placed my order for the DVD/CD

I have been confirmed.

It makes a great Easter gift to me, double one, at that.

I watched the mini clip, I didn't want to watch it until the end of the clip,or else I would already know what's on the dvd.

Thank you all, Eric, Wally Jim and Dave for putting the hard work and planning for this DVD/CD for us all.

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Mark Linett dropped by the Brian Wilson site with a 'heads-up' and I ordered mine this morning. Looks like they're half sold already. Great looking and sounding. 2 cds and 1 dvd. I can hardly wait.

Nice move linking with Mark by the way Eric. All the best with the success of the project and HAPPY holidays to you and your's.

2007 is shaping up to be an excellent year already. Thanks.

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HT - Jim is being a little modest. We have significantly less than 125 to sell. Yesterday was one of our strongest sales days. I think more people are finding out about the berries website and the Limited Edition offer, and are figuring out that this would be an EXCELLENT holiday gift! These sets will all be sold very soon, so get 'em while you can!!

I just hope that all the REAL berries fans get this set before it's sold out. It's such a rare, unique collection, and it's not like a t-shirt or a piece of merchandise that will always be in stock and can be bought anytime.

Just to be able to see the 21 songs on DVD, to hear them with a surround sound mix, and to have them as a part of your musical collection is...priceless!!

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