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Ticketmaster Refunds???!!!


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Bernie, Good luck getting a refund from Ticketmaster. I was on the phone with them long distance 35 minutes (and they don't put through calls using a discount long distance carrier) to Virginia, and they stalled me first for fifteen minutes after speaking to the "screener" who says he has no authority to give refunds but will put

me through to the sales agent. The "sales agent" then asked his supervisor and assured me if I sent my tickets I'd get a refund. I received my tickets back today. Then I got an e-mail saying my tickets were being printed and they would send them out shortly. I sent them a piece of my mind and said "don't send any MORE tickets!" I think they just keep you on the phone hoping you'll give up, then tell you you'll get a refund to stall you. Then -- they send your tickets back. Good Luck. I think they should change their name to "Tricketmaster." --Darlene

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I used my phone card to phone Ticketmaster's Phila number to ask for a refund... they had me on hold over 20 minutes, then told me their policy wasn't to give refunds for performers being dropped from a multi-act show, and I told them I knew people who bought tickets from Ticketmaster for this very same show who *did* get refunds, and that if they didn't refund my money, I'd have the Consumer Protection Agency look into why some people got refunds, and others were refused, and that I'd report it to the bank issuing my Visa card and request a charge-back on it... they gave me my refund


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