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Plain Dealer ABMS showcase


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Flipping through The Cleveland Plain Dealer this morning and get I to the Sunday Art section and whats on the front page ? Eric and a cast of several solo acts and groups that have recorded Erics classic "All By Myself". The PD did a great article on Eric and the history of this song that propelled him to top of the charts and solodified him as one of the great song writters

of all times ! While it may have been the explosive guitar riffs of The Raspberries that launced his carreer it was with out a doubt ABMS that allowed him to stay there, with I'm sure more to follow ! You should be able to get to the story at www.cleveland.com . Way to cool !!!

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PS: What an awesome story. Just when you think the momentum is slowing, something like this perks things up. Oh, yeah!

I hadn't thought about the song in these terms:


"Let’s pause at this point in our deconstruction of the tune ... to remind ourselves Carmen crafted his magnum opus in the mid-1970s, a simpler time before answering machines, voice mail, cell phones and pagers became commonplace.

"Back then, if you called someone who wasn’t available, the phone just rang. And rang. And rang.

"It was quite possibly the loneliest sound in the universe, like a little funeral bell tolling in the ice-cold void of your miserable existence. Don’t ask me how I know. I just do, OK?"


Great stuff, and very astute. I had forgotten how hard it could be to reach someone back then.

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