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There are some VERY good candidates listed already. I most definitely agree with "I Go Crazy" by Paul Davis. The most difficult thing that I'm having is finding a song that matches the musicianship of ABM. But anyhow...

1. I Go Crazy - Paul Davis

2. Wildfire - Michael Murphy (LP version)

3. A Few Good Things Remain - Kathy Mattea

I changed my mind several times before posting, but I'm sticking to this list.

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1. "The Show Must Go On" - Queen

What gives this song the power and drama that all great music needs is the fact that Freddie was dying while recording it. If you have never heard this before then look for it NOW and read the lyrics while listening. Chilling, powerful and beautiful all in one convienient package.

2. "Magically" - Kyle Vincent

If you've ever been in a relationship and was dumped (who hasn't?) this song will tell your story - even if you have never heard it before.

3. "My Girl" - The Temptations

Quite possibly one of the greatest songs ever written. Besides, since my first choice is a song based on death and the second about breakups I figured it would be nice to end on a high note with a song about all the joys of being in love.

That's my story and I'm sticking with it! cool

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My John Denver pick would be "Darcy Farrow".

Patty Loveless- "How Can I Help You Say Goodbye".

I'm in with Michael Murphy's "Wildfire", although if anything ever happened to my wife, I don't think I would be able to listen to it ever again.

Since we get a bonus pick now, I like Henry Gross' "Shannon", too. Kirk.

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Thanks Kirk for remembering who did "Shannon" which I understand is really about a golden retriever.

And your wife is blessed to have such a deep love like you.

Oh, I forgot about Darcy Farrow...what a great pick.

Of course, a lot of JD's songs involve the depressive aspect of his personality (read his autobiography "Take Me Home"....really great and sadly his only volume - I had hoped for a later edition too)

Hey Shaft!!! How are ya doin? Long time no see...I remembered the first time I realized that Freddie was dying at the time that "The Show Must Go On" was done (wasn't it his last recording?)chilling, and oh so sad.

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First place award, in my opinion, goes to "Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" by Eric Carmen.

"If You Change Your Mind 2nd

"I'm Through With Love 3rd

Every time I hear "Devil" I sob. It really strikes a chord with me.

If You Change Your Mind is exquisite, especially the way Eric sings it at the end. His live performance is absolutely incredible.

I'm Through With Love is heartbreakingly beautiful.

They could all win, in my estimation, except that for some reason, "Devil" just rends my heart more than any other song I've ever heard.

The country song, "One More Day" by Diamond Rio is heartbreakingly beautiful and significant to me in a non-romantic sense. Before my mother passed away, we both heard it, and she knew it so perfectly expressed the way I felt about her, and she about me. When I hear it, I always cry and sing it to her, but like Eric's and Raspberries music, I smile through the tears because it's so beautiful. That song deserves a special category of the ABM award.

smile --Darlene

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Forgive me, in advance, for you will undoubtedly all find me a charlatan, a mountebank, a pharisee (I hear the calls to have me banned or daresay stoned before I even finish this posting) --

Herein you search in popular music for THE PENULTIMATE SONG OF BEAUTY, PAIN, GRACE and MUSICIANSHIP, and I, alas, disagree as to the ultimate. "All By Myself," wonderful as it is, is plaintive, yes, doleful and melancholy, but it doesn't make me cry.

For me, the ultimate (as per above) will always be "If You Change Your Mind" (with the caveat that it requires the Raspberries performance)-- to this, I sob. Always have, always will. Musically, structurally, it's like Brahms in its ability to get at heartbreak. And then you add the performance, and if I weren't always so occupied with feeling it, I'd have to wonder how Eric does that thing with his voice, how he evokes tears without sounding ineptly tremulous, harsh or ridiculous. It's magical, and unparalled. Then, you add the associative power that popular music has always had: When the great love of my life (philosophy professor/modern dancer) left me, he put "Fresh" on the turntable, thinking my erstwhile favorite band a frothy little entertainment, and hoping, I suppose, to console me; but he played side 2, and before my spinning head could make sense of the sounds of I was hearing, "If You Change Your Mind" had come up. I sobbed through it, over and over again, for two hours, then taped it and replayed it on my way to teach a class that morning . . .

My two runners-up are for the songs alone, as I'm sure many performers could do justice to them -- "If It Takes Forever, I Will Wait For You" (Michel Legrand), from Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (English version of this song only, as the French lyrics are somewhat prosaic) and "If I Love Again" (Ben Oakland, J. P. Murray), a '30s torch song.

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Great topic!

My personal opinion is that if an EC song were to win the ABMY then we'd hear catcalls and accusations ad nauseum about the deck being stacked...

So, my choices are:

Cats In The Cradle - Harry Chapin

Our Lady Of Sorrow - Bread

Run For The Roses - Dan Fogleberg (not sure why I tear up unless I was a Triple Crown Winner in a previous life... wink )

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Hey Jen! As a fellow horsewoman, you know my angst...isn't he amazing in this recovery?

I know...I know... Ruffian is forever present in my head...wait and see...

I did think of an unusual entry on the way to dropping off my son at his Senior prom (that was depressing enough! my little baby...)

ANYWAY...."Comfortably Numb" Pink Floyd...that breaks my heart ever time I hear it...reminds me all too well of what clinical depression feels like when set to music!

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Just a quick check in so everyone will know I'm still alive out here....getting closer every day to getting things back to normal....

Anyhoo...this is a tough one, but I'll give it a shot...at least these are my picks for the moment, in no particular order. wink I took pains to leave out EC tunes....too many! "I Can Remember" drains me to this day and will still bring tears on occasion, always when live. (Gee, as if you didn't know!) Not to mention "If You Change Your Mind", "The Way We Used To Be", "Nowhere to Hide"...the list goes on.

Also, I keyed in on "angst" versus "tears" when it comes to my reactions.

So maybe I'll do this again in a few days...an EC-exclusively list and a tearjerker list...but would that be cheating??

1 - "Lay Me Down" - Barry Manilow - angst ridden tearjerker and a half, especially live (OK, so maybe this one was in order at #1 on this list.)

2 - "The People That You Never Get To Love" - Rupert Holmes - not a tearjerker for me, but full of angst..."The saddest words that anyone has ever said are 'Lord, what might have been' - but no one said you get to win"

3 - "Cold" - also Rupert Holmes, ideal blend of musical and lyrical angst...not offering any quotes, here as this post is already becoming much longer that intended. I'll revisit this song with anyone who might be interested.

I know I've left out so many...those just sprang to my mind tonight....


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1. "My heart will go on" - Celine Dion

If you think about the movie Titanic, everything Rose did "All By Herself" after she promised Jack she would go on is incredible.

2. "The Rose" - Bette Midler

Loosly based on Janis Joplin's life. Midler was superb.

3. "My Way" - Elvis Presley

I know Sinatra does a version as well as Paul Anka who actually wrote the song but if you have never heard Elvis's version live...wow!! He did it his way.

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