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Marvin may be right, but we still want to hear it and decide for ourselves. We must also understand that Darlene is a E.C. fanatic. She would find genius in hearing Eric fart into a microphone. (Then he would soon be "All By Himself") But that is OK. Darlene is so nice, so talented, and so full of life's experiences, (those stories...) that we can accept and embrace her sometimes blind E.C. fanaticism.

(Oh no, I'm a dead man...Maybe she will curse at me for a 2nd time) :p

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Eric included "Almost Paradise" and "Forever Tonight" on WINTER DREAMS because his record company told him that artists releasing new CDs in Japan after a long absence generated better sales when they included remakes of big hits on their new packages. Pioneer wanted Eric to include remakes of "All By Myself" and "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again." Instead of recutting those, Eric suggested "Paradise" and "Forever" since they were originally recorded by other artists. --Bernie

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I have no idea what Eric thinks of these unreleased songs. I know what I think of them though. I think that, "Devil.." , "High Cost" & "It Should Have Been Me" are worthy of being recorded. None of these songs are Drop Dead Great, but they are good. I can certainly think of songs on every album that I like less than these three. I really wish Eric would consider recording these songs along with other unreleased material for an internet released album.

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Since you really seem to be into "pop" songs...one artist you may want to check out is, are you ready for this..

Mike Viola and the Candy Butchers.

Mike is the voice behind Ton Hanks, "That Thing You Do."

They have two cd's ...The first is "falling into place", and have just released their second.

"Break Your Heart" is a great "pop" song. Mike writes from a different perspective.


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