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Spring / Summer tour ?

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Hey that's strange, one of the most beautiful Beach Boys songs (Tears in the morning) didn't made the charts in the US. In Holland we loved it better, number 6 in dec. 1970/jan. 1971. I wonder if you all know this brilliant song from the Sunflower album, if the answer is no than try to look for it, please do. It was played a few months ago on the funeral of a Dutch Radio 1 DJ, Wim Rigter.

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Glad to see there are so many Beach Boys fans here. Last time I met Brian Wilson, I gave him an old photo I had taken of the old Wilson home in Hawthorne before that neighborhood was knocked down. He signed my duplicate copy. It was sad to hear that his wife had received most of his personal items during their divorce. It was a real treat to see him recently at Carnegie Hall doing his SMiLE album; we sat in back of his wife Melinda and their 2 little daughters. Brian's life would make a great movie, a la Beautiful Mind. Enjoy. Marc

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Hi Marvin. Brian's management company did make mention of same; apparently Reiner purchased the rights to proceed with a development project. I always thought that the Jeff Bridges with a beard would be an excellent 80s Brian; and Beau Bridge would do fine for Carl; David Spade for Al Jardine; Denny and Mike would take some casting.

The Beatles were, indisputably, the preeminent pop band but I would have to agree with those who say that Brian Wilson was the greatest individual

talent in all of pop.

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Marc up to about 10 years ago, I had been an avid fan of the Beatles, while at the same time a strong fan of the Beach Boys. It was then that Andy introduced me to some of their lesser-known work. (Side note: this led to us forming a BB cover band.) I was totally amazed at the quality of music and the incredible ideas that Brian was coming up with during the 1964-1968 period - music that easily rivalled the best work of Lennon/McCartney. While John, Paul, George and Ringo had each other to bounce ideas off of, and also George Martin, Brian did everything virtually by himself. This is what makes Brian a phenomenal talent, in my mind. Unfortunately Brian's work did not come anywhere close to receiving the same press as the Beatles' did.

Even into the 1970's the BB's were ahead of the class with their "Sunflower", "Surf's Up" and "Love You" albums to name three. It's too bad that they were never given the recognition that they deserved back then - back when Brian could have used a pat on the back.


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I was lucky to have seen Carl in a small club on Long Island when he was promoting his solo LP back in 80 or 81. So humble, I always felt that he was one of the few performers who felt truly

fortunate to be able to make music for a living and perform for an audience. For so many years,

he was the voice of Brian Wilson on stage when Brian was hanging out in Bel Air by himself. Kind of ironic now in that Carl ( and Dennis ) is gone but Brian is doing some nice work again. Marc

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I was totally amazed at the quality of music and the incredible ideas that Brian was coming up with during the 1964-1968 period - music that easily rivalled the best work of Lennon/McCartney.


Marv, that's a pretty bold statement! I'd be curious to know specifically what songs/LPs from that period you think compares to Len/Mac stuff. I have to admit, I lose track of the BBs after the Pet Sounds/Smile period, but I'd love to hear any music that easily rivals the best of Len/Mac!
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You asked, so here in my opinion, is a 'tip of the iceberg' list of BB songs from 1964-68. For the most part I've tried to list songs that would be familiar to most people. There are many other songs that were not 'hits', yet their greatness is obvious.


1. I Get Around

2. All Summer Long

3. Wendy

4. Girls On the Beach

5. Don't Back Down

6. Don't Worry Baby

7. The Warmth of the Sun


1. When I Grow Up

2. Help Me Rhonda

3. Please Let Me Wonder

4. Kiss Me Baby

5. She Knows Me Too Well

6. Girl Don't Tell Me

7. California Girls

8. Let Him Run Wild

9. You're So Good to Me


The entire 'Pet Sounds' album, which includes, "Wouldn't It Be Nice", " You Still Believe In Me, "That's Not Me", "Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)", "I'm Waiting For the Day", "Let's Go Away For Awhile", "Sloop John B", "God Only Knows", "I Know There's An Answer", "I Just Wasn't Made For these Times", and "Caroline, No"


The entire 'SMiLE' album which includes, "Heroes and Villains", "Vegetables", "Good Vibrations", "With Me Tonight", and "Wonderful"

1. Wild Honey (Carl might have written this one)

2. Darlin'

3. Let the Wind Blow


1. Meant For You

2. Busy Doin' Nothing'

3. Do It Again

4. I Can Hear Music (not their own song, but Brian's arrangement)

5. Time to Get Alone

6. Our Prayer

...and then 1970 brought on two strong albums, "Sunflower" and "Surf's Up", which included these songs: "This Whole World" (which Eric nicely updated into "Cruisin' Music"), "Add Some Music", "Long Promised Road", "Till I Die", and "Surf's Up." Much of this material was written prior to 1970, but never saw the light of vinyl.


A few years ago Andy and I put together a Beach Boys cover band, and I've never had a harder time learning vocal parts and in some cases, instrumental parts, of songs. I really feel that the BB's were a very, very under-appreciated group musically. Granted much of their mid-60's work employed the ace "Wrecking Crew" studio musicians, but all the arrangements (vocals and instruments) were Brian's, and in live performances, the band themselves peformed many of these complex songs.


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I believe that the fact the Beach Boys used so many studio musicicans as opposed to the Beatles using virtually none in the early goings, is what ranks the Fab Four above those Surfer Guys. One thing is for sure, if you are a fan of inovation and harmony the collective music can keep you extremely occupied!!


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Jim by the mid 1960's Brian stopped being a touring musician and concentrated on working in the studio. This was the main reason why the rest of the band was not involved in many of the recording sessions. While they were on the road doing live shows, Brian hired the "Wrecking Crew" to work on the sessions. Dennis, Carl, Al & Mike would come in later to do the vocal parts.


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Brian Wilson did it all for the BBs ; wrote, arranged, produced, taught harmonies, etc.. The Beatles had a lot of help from George Martin. I have many CD of Beatles' rehearsal sessions and you can hear Martin suggesting, instructing...

The Beatles were no doubt the greater group popularity and overall talent wise. I still feel that Brian was the greatest pure talent pop music has ever known ( or will likely ever know ). By the way, he's a real nice guy in person, too. Marc

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