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Being inexperienced with this format, it took ages for me to get registered and logged in and I'm not sure if no one else has posted except me (a strange occurrence for our message board!) or if for some reason I can't see other posts.

HELP!!! I'm confused in Cranbury (NJ)! --Darlene

PS Why did we go to this format? And will we be able to see everyone's posts like we used to? I'm not sure I like having separate "topics!" The guestbook format was so great because everyone could just start "talking" with a minimum of fuss and it was so easy to answer each other's questions... I'm not even sure how to submit this now...

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Darlene-- I just started this Message Board about 90 minutes ago, so don't be surprised that there aren't more posts. The reason the other Message Board isn't up anymore is that it was hosted by AOL and they seem to have completely melted down their web sites.

I couldn't afford to leave our community without a place to congregate ... so I thought this would be the best solution. This type of Board is probably the most common form on the internet. You don't have to be registered to post, and in time I'm sure we'll all get the hang of it :-) --Bernie

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