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The high cost of Eric's Geffen CD...


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I got all my EC albums at bargin basement prices. I think the most I ever paid for one was $2. That was a few years ago, and they were on vinyl - so I guess you can't compare to today.

An item is only worth what people are willing to pay for it.Obviously people are willing to pay a high price to have this album.

You guys never mentioned my favorite songs from the album - "American As Apple Pie" and "Spotlight". I love the rocking ones.

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Oh boy, I wish I could hear "You Took Me All The Way". Maybe one of my friends or neighbours (there ya go, Canada English again) has the album or a CD.

You know, Partridge Family songs aren't that corny to me anymore, either. But now Brady Kids...

Seriously, I'm really pleased a lot of the releases our of Japan are "out there" now, because I love romantic music. Since I got out of my 20's, I've become more romantic and soft inside. I want my kids to catch that.

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Come to think of it, I can dip into my reserves and buy the CD's, it's just a lot of the major music stores here have gone out of business! But even though I'm on disability, I live modestly and still eat well. I can afford to getmyself these presents.

But I'll see what the independents in my area have. It'd be worth it!

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The video of "I'm Through With Love" is so expressive, and I have to admit EC's face isn't that hard on the eyes, wither.

My little girl isn't going to hear "Tonight You're Mine" for a long, long time. smile

I can't even figure out why I was shocked...


They drugged me in the labour room! That's it! hypno

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Guest Fresh

I am the proud owner of Eric's self-titled 1984 Geffen album,thanks to ebay!I've been chasing after this album on CD for several years and missed out on one in November.My original cassette wore out a few years ago.Now to get The Professor to autograph it will be my next quest.

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I wonder how much the orignal cassette would have sold for... I bought two of them... the first when my ship docked in Ft. Lauderdale after we had done our refit cruise to GITMO... the second the next day after I stumbled on the gangplank the first night... while returning to the ship very inibreated... and dropped the bag with the still sealed tape over the railing and into the water below... laugh

I've also had two copies of the vinyl and two copies of the CD... and don't think I spent 60 bucks on the bunch!

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