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The high cost of Eric's Geffen CD...


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This listing at Half.com is interesting:


It's Eric's Geffen CD offered for --- hold onto your hat! --- $56.34. Now, Half.com (an eBay site) is supposed to have real "deals" on stuff --- hence the name. So I'm trying to figure out the high asking price. Well, okay, it's a great record. But $60 (including shipping)? It's not even an origianl pressing; it's the 1997 Geffen Goldline reissue. I remember seeing it in $6.99 bins not too long ago.

Maybe it's turning into a collectible little rarity?

(I love the ballads on this CD: "She Remembered," "Way We Used to Be," and "I'm Through with Love.")

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I got mine off of Ebay because the local music suppliers are dreadful. I spent a bit but not THAT much (and it was nice to know that others were bidding on his work, too!)

Like so many here, John and I have a passion for oldies music (usually 60s) and now that Tower is gone so are our options locally.

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Can't remember the total cost, but I have vinyl, cassette and CD...gee, that's a....um...threesome...yeah, that's it.

I heard the one liners at the end of "Entertainment Tonight" and they said it had been released that day. I got lucky and found it immediately.

That recording played a large part in some very special memories for me - bittersweet in some ways, but still beloved.


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PS: One nice, wonderful, friend of mine on the board offered to send me a copy of the Geffen CD, but I do have it. I still have my original review copy sent to me at the late, great CD Review magazine way back when. Anyway, my earlier posts here do sound like I was hunting for it, but actually... I've been hunting for some John Stewart CDs I'm missing....

Thank you, DianeD!

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Like Ecstacy, I got mine on e-bay, for I think 7.50 or something like that.

But, in all honesty, these types of albums can warrant these prices. Keep in mind, that at major labels, they need to make a run of 15 to 50 thousand copies when they reissue them. Unlike the smaller, independents that will only run 1,000.

If something is NOT selling, then you can get it for cheap in the close-out bins at record stores. If it is a big seller, then the labels will re-issue it.

However, most of Eric's stuff falls in a category between these two, as far as sales go. You won't see them in the "cut-out"(discount) bins, but on the other hand, there are not a big enough seller to warrant a reissue.

Such is big-label economics.

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There were large amounts of Eric's music that I hadn't heard until just recently because I couldn't find it anywhere! Now that Japan is releasing everything here I've been grabbing it all up on Ebay like crazy!!! Some of them I've had to put some money out on but I've finally gotten everything and it's worth every nickel! I'm finally getting to hear some of the stuff that you all have always talked about and I'm thrilled!

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Oh, the Geffen album. I haven't heard it yet. Is "I'm Through With Love" as liberating and life-affirming as I imagine? It might be my personal theme song.

Hey there, Mellie,

Yep, you've got that right.... Pretty "cheery" song:

"I'm through with love/And sad goodbyes

Can't take the lows/Don't want those highs..."

Great song... I know you'll enjoy it. Eric was at his best, in terms of suicidally depressing ballads, when he wrote "I'm Through With Love." It's definitely cut from the same cloth as "All By Myself" -- maybe a tad more hopeless, though. smile

So... did Susanna deliver, and get you into the Geffen album last weekend? Hope so... You've missed out on an undiscovered gem, although on the plus side, it's something great to look forward to....


PS: Billy, not a bad deal at all on those 2 CDs... Sometimes, you can get good prices on eBay... and if not, just wait a while longer.

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The reason the price skyrocketed is the "Goldline Line" series of CD's were discontinued a few years ago. If you check for Ric Ocasek's (The Cars) first solo album, you'll find that's also going for astronomical prices now.

I had the Ocasek one, and stupidly traded it in, cause I already had the vinyl. Eric's however, I kept, and it's now autographed by him and on my wall!...


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