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With all the talk about Amazon.Com sales, I got curious about other online retailers --- over at CDUniverse.Com, the #2 selling "live album" is Raspberries Deluxe Edition of "Live On Sunset Strip" (behind The Doors 2007 "live" release, but ahead of 2007 "live" releases by Johnny Cash, John Coltrane, The Jefferson Airplne and Pearl Jam): http://www.cduniverse.com/search/xx/music/category2/3869/a/Live+Performances.htm

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From what I've been reading it sounds a lot like Pyramid's handling of Winter Dreams... stores that did "carry" it stocked one copy and if/when it sold they might order another or might not... the major plus for the band is that this time around the internet is better set up to sell and promote CD's as well as single song downloads...

I'm not sure 100% that this is a RYKO problem; do they have ways to force or coerce orders from stores? Back in "the day" stores pretty much stocked new releases on a certain level based on their overall volumes. I remember an a huge sale at Zayre's Department Stores back in '74 where there were several cases of all major releases for the past couple of years... a huge display in the center of the store... that included several cases of both "Side 3" and "Starting Over"... a far cry from one or two single CD's that we have today..

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