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Eric Carmen meets Elton John


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I haven't seen this posted before, but a book about Elton John by David Buckley, "Elton: The Biography," was released earlier this year.

Apparently the book's author had so much material that not all of it into made the book, including a story about Eric Carmen meeting Elton John.

Eltonfan.net webmaster Stephan Heimbecher interviewed the book's author in March and the comments about the Eric-Elton meeting appear in that interview:



...5. (Heimbecher question:) You must have ended up with a lot of material from the interviews alone. Plus the material you got from other parts of your research. How difficult was it to fit all that into the 400 pages you were given for this project?

(Buckley answer:) Very difficult, but that’s part of the challenge of writing. An author has to make a decision about what’s really relevant and be brutal about leaving stuff out. The book is already 10,000 longer than it should have been! That said, there was material which was edited out at the last minute which I would have loved to have remained in. There’s some really interesting stuff from Paul Buckmaster about the making of the Elton John album for example which sadly didn’t make the final version. Another of my favourite anecdotes was also edited out too. Chris Charlesworth was a journalist working for Melody Maker at the time, and he recalled one example of Elton’s wit which I though was really funny but which my editor obviously didn’t! Chris said, ‘Do you remember the song “All By Myselfâ€, a big hit in 1976 for Eric Carmen? Well, Eric Carmen came to an Elton gig, on that tour, I think it was in Cleveland. He came in to the dressing room and was introduced to Elton, who said, “On your own are you?†It was just at the time he had had the hit and we creased up laughing.’...



The whole interview is here (dated March 13, 2007), a little over midway down the page, under the heading "Interview With David Buckley" at http://www.eltonfan.net/news/archive/news-archive-3-2007.html

Reminds me of reading a 1974 article on Elton John in Rolling Stone which noted that Elton toured with a personally stocked jukebox that included singles he liked by artists that included Raspberries.

Don Krider smile


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Is everybody sure that "On your own are you?" wasn't perhaps a come-on from Elton, in addition to referring to the song? After all, Eric's a good-looking guy, and Elton was probably lonely at the time, so maybe he was just checking to see if EC's wife was around......or maybe not, who can say?

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I saw this book was released a couple of weeks ago, and although I'm a huge Elton fan, I think I'm going to take a pass on this one. I already have three other biographies about him, so what more can be added?

Unless the man himself ever gets around to writing his own story, (which is doubtful, since he was offered a ton of money a few years ago to do it, and turned it down) there can't be anything else I already don't know...


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Eric dueling with Burton Cummings
That's EXACTLY what I was going to say!

Burton is AMAZING. I've been having a little Burton lovefest recently - listening to all his stuff over and over.

I never knew much of his stuff when he was in the Guess Who (they were around before I was born) - but I've been going through their albums. It's amazing how much Burton and Eric's careers are so similar. Both in hit pop bands... Leave band to go on their own....Has one HUGE hit... does other albums afterwards, but never quite has the same that first massive hit.

I don't know the history of Burton's relationship with his producers. I'm sure they couldn't have been anything like that of Eric and Gus (!!) There's really not much available in terms of a Burton Cummings Biography.

Maybe I'll have to do what Bernie has done - go out and write it myself! wink

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Elton was supposed to play dueling piano with me on "Boats", but he, and the late Gud Dudgeon, had a falling out right before the sesiion.

Trust me when I tell you, the genius of Elton's records was ALL ELTON!!!!!

Burton was a joy to work with. We were both working In Richard Perry's studio and I simply asked him if he'd like to sing and play on a couple of tracks. He was absolutely terrific, and added a lot to "Hey Deanie" and "Marathon Man." He has one of the most distinctive voices in rock 'n roll.

I have nothing but respect for Burton. He's a real talent.


Trust me when I tell you, It was ALL

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