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Capitol 60th Anniversary Box: Great, but...

Billy K.

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Just saw the Capitol Records 60th Anniversary Box (1942-2002) in the store. Each era and style is representated well...from Stan Kenton to Gene Vincent to Plastic Ono Band to Merle Haggard to Duran Duran to Kylie Minogue.

Upon looking at the lineup, there is little to argue about...I am familiar with about 85-90% of the stuff that is on there.

Granted, A Taste of Honey did make a lot of money for Capitol on just one hit, so I guess they were obligated to put them on. As for Jimi Hendrix, he did only one record for Capitol, and certainly not his best one -- I guess for historical purposes only.

As for the Robbie Williams track, could have been a better choice -- "Millenium" should have been on there instead.

The main beef with this, though, is that "Go All the Way" at least should have been on there. It was a major hit, and it was on Capitol.

Otherwise, an excellent boxed set. Capitol was always the best label for my musical tastes, if you had a choice to buy from only one label.

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Billy-- "Go All The Way" *was* on Capitol's 50th anniversary box set, but couldn't be included on the new one due to the same legal problems that prevented the release of their new Raspberries Greatest Hits compilation. We may never see another Capitol Raspberries release until things get worked out between the record label and the band. --Bernie

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