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Newest Raspberries Fan!


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Our little 2 year old was singing "Long Hot Days we'll be cathin the rays" Today in the car on our trip to Borders today. He has finally graduated from The Wiggles To the Raspberries! He was always bobbin his head to the Raspberries music but this was the first time he started singin! Anyone else have New Raspberries Fan stories?

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Hi Marvin,

That was funny that someone mentioned Shrek 2 and it having "All by Myself" in it since this was the first movie that our son saw in the theater. Mind you he was around 1 and fell asleep in the middle of the movie. He also enjoyed "Polar Express" since he is a huge "Thomas The Tank Engine" fan has a Thomas table with dozens of trains.

Marvin maybe the Raspberries will play an outdoor event where we can bring the whole family!

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