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Little Cindy Lu Who


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...And it is a full studio demo. I love the mix. This song and "Devil..." are my favorite unreleased Carmen tunes I've heard. Since Bernie gave us studio "Devil..." last X-mas, and "Cindy..." this X-mas, in about 8 YEARS frown we will have one killer Carmen Rarities album.

Bernie, is there are decent recording of "Temporary Hero" out there, other than the old piano/vocal I've heard? That song has potential with the right edits and mix.

Thanks again for the present.

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It reminds me a bit of "Walk Away Renee". Strange, when you think that they were written by different people. Must be the tempo, theme, and of course, singer. Still, great to hear stuff we've never heard before. I'm sure it's Tony's fav present of the year! Hope everyone has a great holiday! Like Tony said, a few more years of gifts like these and we'll have a great album!


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Thanks a lot Bernie for these wonderful gifts. I love the three songs. I know "She Remembered" and "Cindy In The Wind" but what's the title of the third song?...

By the way the titles put for those two last songs were 4 Audio Track and 15 Audio Track. You seemed to have taken them from a cd. Does it mean you've got at least 13 other exclusive songs?...

Thanks and congratulations (for the site and the book)

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I was surprised when I got up at 5am in the morning and wanted to come and see who all was on Eric's site, I saw a Christmas tree, I started

clicking the areas to see if their was mp3 songs

to listen to, their was.

I clicked on the first present, I listend to the first song about Cindy, the song touched my heart,

I likes the continuation of the vocals, the melody, the back up harmony as when Eric sang the back up climbed up to meet Erics voice.

The piano is great.

After listen to the first song, I clicked on all

the presents, I opened the rest of the presents, I clicked on the promo song, She Remembered", great promo.

Then,"We Got Each other", song, fantastic, then the last song.

Bernie, the best moderator of most of the web sites gives fantastics presents to people, info,

and interacts with all of us.

I think Bernie deserves an award for Best moderator.

Thank you so much Bernie, "Cindy In The Wind",

is my best song, I kept coming back and listening to that particular song through out the day, I miss it all ready Bernie, I want to hear it again, ok

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I'd never heard "Cindy" before, and just like Michelle, right away I was struck with the similiarities to "Walk Away Renee." What's the history on this song? How old is it? Are there any other musicians on the song? If so, who are they? The melody was certainly infectious as it stuck in my head - a good sign for any song as far as I'm concerned. So how the heck does Eric pass over a song like "Cindy" or "High Cost" or for that matter, even "Devil"? I'm beginning to believe that a lot of his unreleased stuff is better than the last couple of official releases.


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Bernie thanks for the info. So the "Walk Away Renee" similarities make more sense now that "Cindy" dates back 35 or so years. Is it written by Eric solely? Any idea if any of the former 'berries such as Wally are playing on the song? I'd love to hear Eric do a new/updated version and include it on that new album coming out this year!


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Marvin, I had the same questions. I wondered if it was a current recording, or something written awhile ago. Thanks for clearing that up, Bernie. Can't believe the song is older than me! You don't see a lot of girls being named Cindy these days, so if it was released now, he's probably have to change the name to bring it up to date. I do have a few friends named Cindy, who are about the same age as me, so it probably was quite a popular name in the late 60s. How times have changed!

Michelle (named after a Beatles song, so what can I say?)

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Bernie and Eric, thanks so much for the mp3 Christmas presents! Luckily, I found all three by poking around under the tree with the cursor. It's interesting how many people seemed to have found only "Cindy." It was the one in the center of the tree, if I recall, and I found it first. Then, I clicked in a different section and when another song came up, I got the wild notion that each present under the tree might represent a song. Not quite, but three special treats is more than I could have asked for. Thanks so much!

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Bernie is there any hope for the dedicated fans that some of this unreleased music will ever be available 'officially'? Maybe at one time Eric felt that some of these songs were sub-par, but I'm guessing that maybe his opinion has now changed since he's given you permission to let us hear it.

p.s. Michelle, two of my sisters and a brother were also named after songs.


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Eric will need a little bit more prodding than that. From what I can gather he seems to feel that songs written in another time and abandoned still retain all of the baggage that they had when they were left either:

a) unfinished, or

B) unreleased

Even after being relentlessly begged to do it :-) it seems that Eric doesn't need to have any of his unreleased songs officially released. The fan base here on the web site is pretty solidly in his corner and also fairly small in number. Hence, not really minding whether his biggest supporters get to hear a demo or live song here and there is not the same as having something on an official release to the masses.

Eric also feels that anything new that he releases will need to have a chance with casual listeners which means it needs to be more contemporary. Songs written 35 years ago (no matter how much we love 'em) seem to figure less prominently in his plans.

I, for one, would LOVE a remastered release of Eric's entire catalog (Berries and solo) in the U.S. on CD, which amazingly has never been done! Something along the lines of the Bowie or Grand Funk rereleases. There'd be plenty of space on the CDs for bonus tracks which is usually where artists place their unreleased tunes and demos.

When I bought the "Ziggy Stardust" remastered CD I was telling Eric about how amazing the demo of "Star Man" was with just Bowie accompanying himself on an acoustic guitar. Ironically, Eric was very excited by it and thought it would be cool to hear.

The bad news is that neither Arista, nor Capitol, nor a company like Rhino seems to be interested in doing anything with Eric's back catalog right now. If I believed a letter writing campaign would work I'd start one right now. I just don't know how to influence the decision makers.

The biggest crying shame is that one of the GREATEST albums of all time, "Boats Against the Current" has never been on CD in it's entirety in the U.S. Never. Ever. If it wasn't for the great country of Japan we wouldn't even have the ability to listen to "Boats" on CD!

Anyway, I've said more than I was gonna say. The fact of the matter is that we should SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY, be able to convince SOMEONE to release a remastered "Boats Against The Current" with bonus tracks TOMORROW!

Anyone have any ideas?


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Damn, I missed the other two. I clicked a few times, but I guess it was in or near the middle each time, but thought the presents were all bundled into one song. "Cindy..." may have been written long ago, but this recording can't be more than 10 years old. The synths and Eric's voice sound like the Winter Dreams sessions or early '90's. Am I right Bernie?

And how can I make up for my ignorance and get the other 2 song presents? Or do I just threaten to adapt another Carmen RAP tune... confused

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