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Did Eric "inspire" Hall & Oates?

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1977 - Eric releases his Boats Against The Current album, which includes the song "She Did it," cleverly written to incorporate Beach Boys "didits" into the lyrics of a song.

That Fall, Eric tours the U.S. in support of the Boats LP playing cuts off of the new album including the aforementioned "She Did It." At some of the venues, he shares the bill with Hall & Oates.

1982 - Hall & Oates release a new single titled, "Did It In A Minute," cleverly written to incorporate Beach Boys "didits" into the lyrics of a song.

Hmmm…what do you think?


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That was a VERY COOL double bill. Saw them in Westwood on the Ucla campus playing Pauly Pavillion. Biggest gripe was Eric's set was only about 45 minutes:(

I wonder if the 'inspiration' was one of those subliminal things where you hear something, forget about it, and one day you're humming along and *presto* a song pops out. 5 years seems like a long time to wait if you were consciously borrowing from the song. Kirk.

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I saw them on that tour in Dallas. I'd just recently started college (TCU) in Ft. Worth (40 miles from Dallas) and didn't have a car. But I HAD to go to the concert.

Nobody had any interest in Eric Carmen and I was still in the process of making friends. I ended up finding a guy who had a smidgen of an interest in Hall & Oates ...but I had to pay for his ticket..and probably for the gas if I remember right..

I remember being SO fired up for the concert. I'd seen Eric Carmen in Columbus backing up America in 1976. But this was my first time seeing him since I'd become a huge fan.

It was a great night..and well worth the double cost!

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Did It in a Minute

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"Did It in a Minute" is a song performed by American musical duo Hall & Oates. Written by member Daryl Hall with Sara and Janna Allen, the song was released as the third of four singles from their tenth studio album Private Eyes in March 1982. Daryl Hall performs lead vocals, while John Oates provides backing harmony vocals.

It peaked at number nine on the United States Billboard Hot 100, becoming one of three top ten singles from Private Eyes. 

The song was inspired by the 1977 Eric Carmen hit, "She Did It," because of the 'did-its' in the song. Carmen was touring with Hall & Oates at the time "Did It in a Minute" became a hit.[1][2] "She Did It" itself had been inspired by the 'did-its' in the Beach Boys' tune, "Do It Again".

"Did It in a Minute"
Side-A label of the US 7-inch vinyl single
Single by Hall & Oates
from the album Private Eyes
B-side "Head Above Water"
Released March 1982
Format 12-inch, 7-inch
Recorded 1981
Genre Pop rock
Label RCA Records
Songwriter(s) Daryl Hall, Sara Allen and Janna Allen
Producer(s) Daryl Hall, John Oates
Hall & Oates singles chronology
"I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" 
"Did It in a Minute" 
"Your Imagination" 
Alternative cover
Artwork for German vinyl single
Artwork for German vinyl single
Music video
"Did It in a Minute" on YouTube
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