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Raspberry Flavored Karaoke

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Hey Everybody, This is No Hard Feelings from Las Vegas. I like to sing Eric's songs at different karaoke hangouts.

"Go All The Way," "All By Myself," "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again," and "Hungry Eyes" are all on karaoke CD. I would love to sing "Hey Deanie" and "That's Rock and Roll," but I haven't seen those songs listed in anyone's karaoke books. I'm talking about Eric's versions, not Shawn Cassidy's.

Has anybody heard of "Deanie" or "Rock and Roll" in karaoke CD format? Let me Know. Maybe someone who has any connection with Arista Records can tell them to release these songs in karaoke format. :rolleyes:

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No hard feelings-- I have another posting on this topic elsewhere on the board...

Will be checking the karaoke suppliers soon, and seeing what is available. Besides CD, there is also cassette and LaserDisc...the LaserDisc ones sometimes have the lyrics available to set up on a TV monitor.

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