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While we await "Raspberries Live"....


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REO SPEEDWAGON-LIVE, YOU GET WHAT YOU PLAY FOR...Sounds alot like a party in addition to being a damn good concert recording...I wore out the 8 track when i was a teenager...It was the album that really set the stage for the mega-success that REO would enjoy just a few years later.

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(1) Get Yer Ya Yas Out- Stones- They sound mean and fierce. Mick Taylor/Richards guitar sound-wow.

(2) The MC5- Kick Out the Jams- Guys that think they can rock need to listen to this live album. A classic, blows the roof off.

(3) Full House-J. Geils- Years before "Centerfold" when they still rocked like hell.

(4) The Concert for Bangladesh- Yes!.

(5) Beach Boys Live in London -69. Hard to find now but a wonderful concert performance. And you realize that Dennis Wilson was a really good drummer.

(6)Live Cream Volume 1. Cream. Well, if youre going play this style of rock, its as good as it gets.

(7)Ride the Wind-The Youngbloods. If in the mood for jazzy/bluesy California 60s rock this was a great performance, mellow but real enjoyable.

(8)Cheap Trick at Budokan. It rocks to no end.

(9)Woodstock. The first one. Needed more Who numbers though and less Crosby, Still, Smashed and How.

(10)Neil Young. Was it called Rust Never Sleeps? Cant recall but it was awfully good.

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I'll add my 2 cents worth. Besides many already mentioned, Deep Purple's Made in Japan is one of my favorites. The long versions of Lazy and Space Truckin are quite the jam! I think it was the first album I ever bought. I now have the CD.

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To answer your #10 question: Yep, that Neil Young live album was Rust Never Sleeps, and it's great. Lately, I've been listening to Weld, a 2-CD set from 1991, and that one's just as good. It's got "Hey Hey My My (Into the Black)," "Cinnamon Girl," "Powderfinger"... and I love his cover of "Blowin' in the Wind." He issued it along with Arc, which was one 38-minute song....

Also on your list of live albums, I love George's Bangladesh, and Cheap Trick at Budokan is still fun after all these years. Woodstock? Hmmm. That one never "grabbed" me. It sounds so... sloppy. (But, I guess that was the point, huh?)

Speaking of worthy live albums, in the late 1970s, Capitol issued an LP called The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl. Has anyone ever seen that LP turn up on CD?

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How's this concept for a live album??? Recording a live show at a gig when your "not going over"!!! "Metallic K.O." by Iggy & the Stooges is excactly that!!! Iggy Pop is getting eggs thrown at him at this show! It's funny as hell!!! That's my vote for a live album!!! ALSO:

Humble Pie- Rockin the Fillmore

Cheap Trick- Live Budakon

Rolling Stones- Get Yer Ya Ya's Out

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A few of my favorites: Stones "Ya Ya's Out", Elton John "11-17-70", McCartney "Back In The US", Cheap Trick "Live at Budakon", Eagles "Hell Freezes Over", Venice "Live at The Royal Carre Theatre", and some funky John Sebastian album. All I remember is it's white with a tiny picture of him on it. It's recorded in some club, he's by himself, and he's playing an out of tune electric guitar . Weird, but good. Gonna have to dig that one out. It's been awhile. crazy

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