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Okay....I bought Quicktime Pro to download and save the songs from Eric's Roxy show....it played fine..but when I saved it and THEN tried to play it, it had little gaps after about every two seconds!!! What the....??? Can anyone help figure this out for me??? also, I missed getting SUNRISE yesterday. any way of downloading it still?? Thanks in advance!!


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I had to buy Quicktime Pro....then you just install it onto your hardrive. once you have the program you can just download the song and save it to your hard drive. I saved STARTING OVER to my desktop. MY problem is that when I try to play the Quicktime file, it has little blips or hesitations every two seconds......I hope this helps.

THANK YOU BERNIE!!!!! I appreciate you making SUNRISE available again. Could you just 'add' a song a day without losing the previous day's song??? I'm afraid I might miss a day or two.

Thanks again!


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Here's one way I found to save things on a PC (both videos and sound files):

Use a program called "CacheSort.exe"; below is a link.


Start the file playing you want to save, and then run this program (choose Run after double clicking on it). It will then show up with an icon in the system tray. Right Click on it and chose 'Explore Sorted Cache." This will open a folder, and check in the MP3 or MOV folders for the saved file.

Good luck. It's worth the effort.


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