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Dave's new rig

Roadie #3

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And I am talking about the new bass head!!!

The Vox amps that the band purchased are guitar amps and Vox does not make a bass head for the Valvetronix models. Dave was not really happy with the overall sound from the amp so he decided that a change was needed. A couple of years ago when Dave recorded his Internal Monologue CD he used a bass amp from the UK manufactured by Ashdown. Dave loved the sound of the amp so he decided that it would be a great replacement for the Vox (Although it was not easy finding a stocking dealer for Ashdown equipment). We are still using the Vox cabinets and even use the head as a monitor preamp. I reaaly beleive that the head made quite a difference in the sound of the bass and there might be some more changes in the future. The model of the amp is an ABM 300 EVO II head. More information on the head and what other artists use it can be found @ www.ashdownmusic.com . One other thing; the Fender Bassman cabinet in front of dave was used as a bass monitor. Thanks to Wally for holding onto this vintage cabinet, it sure came in handy.

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