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I Can't Believe That I Can Finally Say...

Tim From Wisconsin

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Speaking of reunions and of Brad Elvis, a great opening act would have been the reunion of the Elvis Brothers.

They looked like The Beatles (even their rockabilly stage looked like the pre-Cavern Beatles). The guitar player Rob looked like John Lennon, the bass player Graham looked like Paul McCartney, and Brad the drummer had kind of a Ringo feel to his act.

They sounded like The Beatles and wrote great songs. They had a song titled, "I Know You Shake It". I would play it for friends who lived out of Chicago, and would ask, "Who do you think this is?", and they would always answer, "The Beatles?", like they thought they had heard every Beatles song, but never this one.

I know everyone across the country knows of a band that was great and just didn't make it. The Elvis Brothers had success, recorded three CDs and traveled a bit, but I think it is a shame that they just didn't hit it really big. They were great.

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Long time lurker, first time poster.

Sadly I missed the Chicago show, but the talk of Off Broadway, Brad Elvis and Enuff Z'Nuff prompted me to hop in.

Yes, Off Broadway did a wonderful version of "Tonight" from "Raspberries Preserved" (1996 Ginger Records, Chicago) I too was at the FitzGerald's show...but then again I was also at the very first Off Broadway show...way back when. Seeing them literally hundreds of times over the years and I must say, still to this day, when they are "ON" they remain one of the best bands around.

Brad Elvis remains one of the hardest working (and one of the best) drummers playing. In addition to The Handcuffs these days he has been drumming for The Romantics the past year.

The Elvis Brothers DID in fact reunite a few years ago at International Pop Overthrow in Chicago.

Great site here and always a wealth of information. Hey, howzabout a Raspberries/SHOES date or two? Nice combination as well.

Thanks for having me here.


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marvin said:

The Knack had more than "My Sharona." How about "Good Girls Don't"?

...and let's not forget "Baby talks dirty" which was basically a Sharona rewrite but I still liked it!

Man, I totally forgot about Off Broadway! I saw them play at Tower records a few years ago, and was amazed at how great they still sounded. They did a fantastic version of The Beatles' "She said she said" I can't believe Cliff Johnson is still doing the "pants" thing. When I saw them at Tower, he was rather sedate. Maybe, because there wasnt much room there. I remember when I saw them in 1980, he was floppin' all over the stage like a fish out of water! lol...


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Where was I last January?LOL I was frantically putting the finishing touches on my daughter Laura's wedding gown. I did her gown and veil, all five of the bridesmaids, my gown, and her son's outfit and bassinette skirt. I could have used the concert to help me recover from my nervous breakdown!!!

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2004 & 2005 were absolutely great years for me! I got to see the Raspberries! And now 2006 is following that same trend. I returned to commercial radio after almost a decade. And this Sunday night, I plan to fit in EC's 'Top Down Summer' between some other local power pop tracks

including one from the Jellybricks and another from Love Affair's Rich Spina. Im sure Cleveland Fans will remember Rich! Clevelanders can tune in 9-10pm 92.3 FM for the Inner Sanctum show on the new k-rock!

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