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Dave's Talent


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So, I finally got some space on my phone so I can listen to Raspberries and Eric in my truck.  I go shopping to Omaha a couple times a week and live about 50-60 minutes away so I really get to immerse myself in it.  Today, I was listening to "Pop Art Live", and wow!  Just wow!!  I've never listened this way before (don't worry, it's interstate almost the entire way and I live out in the country, not a lot of traffic--I'm a very safe driver).  Anyway, I was just blown away by how awesome these guys are and I kept putting Dave on repeat. I never appreciated his talent as much as I did today. His voice is smooth as the proverbial butter!  I especially loved "It's Cold Outside".  I teared up!!  It just struck me what a talent Dave is! Love the bass line on this one as well.  Anyway, I just had to share this and I know I'm not alone!  

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Just like you Julie, I spend a lot of time in my vehicle and it's where I do a good majority of my music listening as I commented recently on another thread. How great to mention Dave in this way, so often he goes unrecognized. And you hit the nail on the head in your description of his smooth vocals. You are definitely not alone in your new discovery of Dave's vocals. BTW.. I actually have the double cd issue of Pop Art Live and I have a  CD player in my vehicle but it's only a one-disc player.  So I can still enjoy the beauty of hearing a cd. Dave has a few songs you can access online. One is called, " They Grow Up" , a very nice song I think you would appreciate.


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I bought Dave's solo album about 20 years ago, and a nice little hand written note came with it. Classy.

Dave hit his stride on Side 3 with "Makin it easy" and "Should I Wait"....both up there with Eric's songs, imho.

...and "Pop Art Live" is probably the best album I own. 

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I bought "Pop Art Live" from iTunes a few years back, and there was an error where the file for "Makin' It Easy" was actually a duplicate of "Ticket to Ride." I've periodically checked to see if that was ever fixed. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I noticed they've put up a corrected version of the album. I had other live recordings of the song, but felt incomplete without that one--good tune, albeit questionable subject matter.

There was an entertaining podcast about "Fresh" that came out a few weeks ago. It's a little long, but they had some good things to say about Dave's contributions at around :57, 1:08, and 1:15. [Of course, they couldn't just compliment Dave without framing it in terms of the sound of his voice being a relief from "Carmen fatigue."]


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