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help with copies of songs


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Hi there

Just logged on and heard ERC's Never Say Die but wasan't able to keep a copy to listen to. From what I read there have been other unreleased EC songs on this site from time to time eg Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Can someone help me get copies of some of these songs? Can't get enough of his music!

Really appreciate any help...thanks.

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Welcome Kym. Stick around and you'll have a good time. I'll echo "When I'm Cool"'s comments. The generosity that has been shown by people on this site to me goes beyond words. I've received everything from cd's to pictures to magazines. Today I received a wonderful package in the mail that included among other things a bunch of Artful Dodger songs. Thank you!


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Welcome Kym. What part of Oz are you from? My husband grew up in Tassie, and my in-laws are in Alice Springs now, and my sister-in-law in Brisbane. Saying you're from Australia is like saying you're from Europe - it doesn't give too much information!

What's the poop on Eric's music down there? Does it still get played on the radio like Michael tells us it does daily in Taiwan? In Canada it's very infrequent - you might hear "Hungry Eyes" or "Make Me Lose Control" once or twice a year. ABM is always the Celine Dion version (of course, being Canadian). That we hear about 4 x a year, which is 4 x too many! laugh

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