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I think in that hallway picture of Rusty I might be standing next to him since that way my vantage point for the whole show. I had placed all of Wally's guitars on the Jenn & Paul keyboard riser and my teck case with the tuners etc at the other end of the hall. Couple of issues with the stage; first VERY SMALL, second NO PLACE TO PUT THE TECH CASE; third THE HALL WAS CONSTANTLY FILLED WITH SMOKE from the smoke machines on stage so I could hardly see the tech case. All I can say is very, very, very small stage but Gene took some great pic's fro behind me and around me but as usual not of me.

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I've got to go look for a Roadie #3 shot. I know I picked you up in a couple of scenes. They've just got to stop dimming those lights between songs. Could little sis maybe accidentally see that the spot on is on you and Wally so I can get some good light?

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Nice job Gene as always. What a fun job you have!! A night to remember for sure and now we can with you photo's.

That stage was very small and I don't know how you guys got it all on there plus yourselves. So glad you did though. I am praying this is not the last show, everyone was having way to much fun for this to end here. If it does, I owe everyone who had anything to do with getting the show up and running my deepest gratitude for making my dreams come true. Without the Roadies, Gene, Bernie and Ken, Wife's and family support, and I am sure I am leaving out a bunch here, (sorry) this could not have have taken place at all and I feel so lucky to have been able to see the shows that I have seen, and to have been able to make so many friends.

Best of all was meeting the Raspberries! Thanks Guys for all your hard work and effort you all put into making dreams come true. laugh

Love to all,



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