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Speaking of sounding like The Beatles...


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Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook have produced some very Beatles-influenced material in and out of Squeeze.

Check out the apocalyptic "Apple Tree" from the Difford&Tilbrook album, "There's No Tomorrow" from East Side Story, as well as many other tracks from their albums.

Tears for Fears' new one is terrific and yes, very Beatle-y.

Crowded House. Jellyfish. Wonderful. Love 'em.

Kind of obvious, but I really dig Julian Lennon's work, especially his last one, "Photograph Smile," as good examples of well-channeled Beatles influences he, of course, came by naturally.

Here's another one: Del Amitri. Best known for hits like "Roll to Me" and "Not Where It's At," but their earlier albums have lots of nice melodic Beatlesque stuff.

And how about Fastball? Their singles like "The Way," "Fire Escape," "Out of My Head" and "You're an Ocean" (which featured Billy Preston on piano) were all very fab Four-'fluenced.


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Yes, Fastball's "The Way" is a very good tune and does sound a lot like the Beatles...as a matter of fact, the melody is a direct lift from "Besame Mucho," which the Beatles covered early on...

Speaking of Beatles-influenced combos, almost forgot one of my faves...they were called Liverpool Echo and their album was released in the UK in 1973. Fab stuff, featuring Martin Briley, who would later have a few minor hits in the '80s....

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anytime you make a typo like that, you don't need to make a new post correcting your error, all you have to do is click on that little pencil at the top of your post, that's the edit option. Your post will open, you can remove the word you spelled wrong, and put the right word in. Then just hit "edit". Your error will magically disappear. happy

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I love "Seeds of Love" by Tears for Fears, but those boys were obviously listening to "I am the Walrus" alot when they wrote it.

How about Emitt Rhodes? The guy could be Mccartney's twin. Good songwriter too.

Myracle Brah "Super Automatic." Lennon comes back to play.

Greenberry Woods "Rapple Dapple."

My Vote, best song the Beatles never did. XTC, Skylarking album, "Earn Enough For Us."Sooo good. So them.

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LOVE the Fannies! There is also a Teenage Fanclub tribute disc that came out a little while back. More info at: http://www.notlame.com/index.htm?action=product&itemid=117684

Here's the track listing:

01 - The Shazam - The Concept

02 - Redd Kross - Everything Flows

03 - IKE - Sparky`s Dream

04 - Michael Carpenter - Neil Jung

05 - Receiver - What You Do To Me

06 - Superdrag - Radio

07 - Cloud Eleven - Aint That Enough

08 - Gigolo Aunts - Alcoholiday

09 - Splitsville - Tears Are Cool

10 - The Andersons - Fear Of Flying

11 - Bronco Bullfrog - I`ll Make It Clear

12 - Chewy Marble - Metal Baby

13 - The Mockers - Hang On

14 - Cliff Hillis - Can`t Feel My Soul

15 - Jet Lag - The Cabbage

16 - Sparkle Jets UK - I Don`t Want Control Of You

17 - Barely Pink - Don`t Look Back

18 - Marykate O`Neil - Traffic Jam

19 - Michael Shelley - Mellow Doubt

20 - Crash Into June - Winter

21 - Walter Clevenger & The Dairy Kings - About You

22 - Captain Soul - You`re Love Is The Place Where I Come From

23 - The General Store - 120 Minutes

24 - The Trainwrecks - Starsign

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