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Hibachi Chefs singing ABM


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So we took my mom out for her birthday tonight (yep, Aug 30th - just like Darlene and Clayton) at Mount Fuji japanese restaurant and we are enjoying the show with our chef and another chef across the restauarant starts singing "all by myself...don't wanna be..." and then our chef starts singing.

I laugh and start singing and then whip out my cel phone with the picture of Eric and I from WAB. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE CHEF'S FACE!!!

He immediately knew who Eric was and was just flummoxed!!! He is from Malaysia, by the way, not Japan.

That was awesome!!!

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Kumiko, he was really a fan! That's what was so cool about it. As the other chef was singing (very well I might add) our chef got into it and had some real soul to his singing. I think Eric said in a post that "Never Gonna Fall in Love again" is a big hit in the Phillipines??? So, clearly, this guy knew his Carmen stuff.

He is from Kulua Lampoor (spelling is not right!!)

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