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Boats Against the Current Video


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Interesting homemade video. I wish they mentioned Eric Carmen as the singer of it.

They do at the end.

Wow! I bet Eric thinks this is a verry good video for his classic song. I bet he is flattered. Someone took some time to edit this thing so the pictures often match the words and the overall feeling.

If they only could have inserted some old stock footage of Eric performing the tune, like from his Japan TV concert video...and Bing Bang Boom! The Carmen solo career also makes a comeback.

If only "Bernie the Wizard" had been involved...

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There seems to be quite an "ER" theme to this video. The blonde guy with the long sideburns is Ron Eldard, who was on ER for about three years. He dated ER star Julianna Margulies from for thirteen years and also played her love interest on the show during his run. (She recently married someone else...unfortunately, not me.)

The girl in the video is Maura Tierney, who currently is on ER.

I have to assume this is some sort of movie trailer with these professional actors in it. How awesome would it be if "Boats" was part of the soundtrack?

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Eric...BATC made me an Eric Carmen fan. I guess I was too young for the Raspberries and your first solo album. I was 16 in 1977 when BATC came out, I really liked the first single "She Did It" so I bought the 8-track...little did I know I was buying a timeless masterpiece that would stay with me the rest of my life...what an album! I can't put into words what that album means to me. When Japan re-released your Arista albums last March, I bought them all (thank God for Bernie and this website or I'd never known about it). I have your LPs and loved listening to them, but...the first time I listened to BATC on CD was like hearing it for the first time. The experience was moving to say the least. I don't know how many times I listened to it that first night or since, but I'm glad I don't have to pay you royalties for each time (I wear the other CDs out too).

I hear others say similar things about your music. I can't imagine creating something that touches people so deeply. I don't understand the people that don't "get" you, but it's their loss. Words can't express how much some of us appreciate your music. We're forever in your debt.

Do you ever miss performing Boats? What about any of your other solo songs? I know you're in rocker mode now with the Raspberrie concerts, but I wonder if you still have plans to do a concert of all your beautiful ballads? Is that an itch that still needs to be scratched?

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Oh guess what... somebody pulled a few of their vids off of YouTube. That hurts when one needs to save up the dough to get the music and speakers.

Any fix of EC and The Raspberries is better than none at all. I'll even take the "all oldies" stations here and up the ante to some of my friends' old vinyls if they still have turntables. I'm going to have to check this one out!

Some of the things my kids are listening to are real bummers. And I love "Boats". wink A real love song and nobody hangs themselves.

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I forgot to add, EC: Hardly any composers see the use of symbollism in music today.

I find it gets to the heart a lot better then any other type of phraseology in song writing.

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