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all cool,one disturbing thing i read was "eric carmen use to be a rocker"...which brings me back to the fact of the "general public" has NO IDEA what erics true roots are from!!! i hope if eric does the show in cleveland w/the strings and things that he will finallt be recognised for the rockin stuff other than his haunting ballads!!! what do u think?? including eric himself???!!!!! lol,chris

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OK you technogeeks....I can not, for the life of me, get Active X (Flash Player) installed on this pc. I'm sure it was at some point --and now I can't access youtube, ec multimedia video, etc. And the popup bar keeps prompting me to download (I've tried and it bombs after I click install).

Any suggestions???



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What a great link! Thanks, Argee! It really brings me back to the day. This is indeed a treasure-trove of Razz and EC music! What fun to see a 25 year old Wally wearing his hat, Scott, Michael and Eric dancing with the mikestand once again! Thanks a bunch!

smile --Darlene

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In case any Raspberries' fans haven't seen them, Kay Bryson posted some great pictures from the Rock Hall's Topping-Off Ceremony this week at: http://www.raspberries.net/galleryIframe.htm

Raspberries' Wally Bryson was musical director for the mid-'90s event, leading a band that included Raspberries' Jim Bonfanti, Jeff Hutton (from Raspberries' "Starting Over" album and tour), Opie O'Brien (Raspberries' "Side 3" album and tour), Kenny Margolis (Choir, Sittin' Ducks), Jerry Lee Lewis, Bobby Womack, Michael Stanley, Gilby Clarke (Candy, Guns 'n' Roses), Dale Peters (James Gang, Eric's last solo album), Eddie Levert (O'Jays), and others.

Among the four pages of photos are also some shots from the Rock Hall's "My Town" exhibit with items from Eric (the legendary "patch pants"), Wally and Jim on display. They should bring that exhibit back and make it a regular fixture at the museum.

Neat stuff. Kay also talks about Wally playing guitar with Jerry Lee Lewis and with Chuck Berry in a thread at http://raspberries.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1208 .

Really amazing all the rock idols all the Raspberries' members have performed with.

Don smile

...wish I could have seen and heard Jerry Lee Lewis saying to Wally, "Guitar, son..."

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