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raspberries BB king photos

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dear frankenberrie,of all the pics i've seen since this re-union..these have really captured the feeling more than others(please don'take it wrong for all photographers involved )...i was'nt there ,but i've read about it everywhere...& there's something in your pics that's different than the others....am i the only one who thinks this or what?????? thanks for readin'....chris

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thanks for the compliments, (I'm blushing)

Glad ya'll dug the pics, I enjoyed shooting them. I think the Sunday pics when they were relaxed & smiling are my faves. After seeing that Pink Floyd reunion where it seemed very tense onstage, it was nice seeing this band having so much fun just playing together. In a year when a few of my all time favorite bands reunited, I really didn't know what to expect at BB's. I'm glad to see they sounded as good as ever. Maybe better, due to modern technology helping with clean amplification & samples! The only secret I have in taking pics is I know the material they were playing really well, and was ready whenever Eric started to really howl!

Oh yeah, I did shoot my first concert in 1978, that

probably helps too:) I am a writer too, and just did a story on the BB's shows & the reunion, but I can't put that up until after it's published.

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