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Nah it's not the Bee Gees. I should know the answer to this one. Have to give it a bit more thought.

The BG's hit the top 10 in the early 1970's with "Lonely Days", and they were back on top in 1974-5 with "Jive Talkin.' The hits continued to the early 1980's and then in the 1990's.

I know that Dobie Gray received credit for singing on Uncle Kracker's top 10 version of "Drift Away" - which was more than 25 years after Dobie took the original to the top.

I'll check out my music books - unless Matt beats me to the punch.


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I have to agree with Sally about extending the tour and swinging by NYC on their way home. If you check out the BB King web site (you have to register first), there is a link for pictures. Check out the pixs from the July shows. Then there is also a link to put in your request to see a certain artist or band. Maybe, just maybe, if they just happen to get inundated with requests to the point that the computer hisses, sputters and crackles....just maybe.

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