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As a note of interest to Beatle fans; there will be a Beatles On The River in Cleveland on August 8 and 9th this year. I went last year for one day and plan on going both days this year. If you are a Beatle fan you will love it. If you are not a Beatles fan you will be. Its a great event with GREAT cover bands that dress,act and sing like the Beatles . I've never seen the Beatles live but you can't get much closer than this. Its out doors on the river and makes for a beautiful day.

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I remember seeing Beatlemania, the other act, Four guys which looked like the Beatles, sang, each guy had a likeness.

It was one show in 1982, which I will never forget, The first set, was the the 60's, then the 70,s, Magical Mystery Tour, the last was, Let It Be' which the songs came from the White

Album, the lighting and background screen effects

during the 70's was remarkable.

To me, it was like going to see a live concert of the Beatles, Then I read, in the newspaper, one of the members had either died in a car crash, or badly injured himself.

I have been waiting ever since, for the next 10 years to see if either they got replacement, to

come back and play in Canada again.

I bought the Beatlemania album at Sam the Record Man, I had taken home to play the double/ or was it single, I can't remember, but, it was fantastic!

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Bernie you never cease to amaze me. You are so creative, and dedicated to this web site. It is certainly a pleasure to come here and see what's happening. A wonderful job Bernie!

I certainly remember waiting with antisapation for the Ed Sullivan show to come on that night and thought for sure he would put every one else on first. I was very happy when he said "Lady's and Gentleman..The Beatles." My folks couldn't get over the screaming!! A major move in music history! June happy

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Cool looking home page! but it scared the hell out of me at first. I had just turned on my PC before coming to the site and my virus protection software said it detected a virus and for me to log off. So when I turned my PC back on and came here, whoa ! everything was black and white. Too bad life isn't that way eh?

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I wasn't born for many years after the Ed Sullivan show, but I think everyone on Earth knows the famous line where he introduces the Beatles.

I managed to see Beatlemania in the '80s too, and I was really surprised at the reaction from the audience. I've never felt that kind of reaction before or since. It's hard to describe it - even today. There was a feeling you were watching the real Beatles, and the screaming women in the audience didn't seem to know the difference. If real Beatles concerts produced 1/10th the reaction that Beatlemania did, I certainly understand the feeling that people had when they saw the real thing.

I'm just old enough to remember John's death. Can't believe it was over 23 years ago!


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I was 5 when the Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan, I vagley remember it only because of my Father saying things like "What a bunch of noise" and "They'll never last" (although he also said that about everyone from The Monkees, Elton, Kiss, etc.,)I've always liked a wide array of music, but without the Fab Four none of it would have happened!

There's a great Beatles tribute band I've seen a couple of times called "American English" like Beatlemania they go through the different periods and costumes as the show progresses, and recently they've even added solo material into their act. If you ever see that they're in your area, go see them.

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