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(I'm in) Ecstacy


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Travelling back from work on the train from London tonight, I’ve just been listening to “Ecstasy†on the iPod. I’m sorry but, this is just THE greatest record ever made. Let me make my case:

The opening power chord and Jim’s banshee like drums. The explosive opening guitar riff promising things to come and Eric’s “ooof†letting you know that this is going to be a party!

Then several unexpected chord changes and we are off into a melodic breezy tune to blow on by with Jim’s decending bass line providing a counterpoint to Eric’s rhythm guitar and lead vocal.

The chorus: Beatle like oohs and oohs and “tonights†- what more could you ask for?! Then that guitar thing ..â€da da da da diddle da da..Ecstasy, when you kiss me I’m in Ecstacy.....â€

The middle 8....the opening â€.Yeah..(with a pregnant ?! pause)......†and back to that first guitar riff followed by a Who style wig out from Jim...then “Baby baby I just want to make you. feel the way I do, you got my back bone shakin’; and my poor heart breakin’ in twoâ€, .... da da da da diddle da da......... then back to the chorus.

Then when you think it’s all over, several more unexpected chord changes take you to a tension and release climax (ooh er?!) “.....stay tonight...........†followed by surely the finest piece of trading guitar licks on any record ever.

And if that wasn’t enough, a bonus straight on rock and roll guitar solo from Wally at the end leading into the final power chord and drum beat.

I put it to you - if there has been a better rock and roll record than this ever made, please could you let me know about it!

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One thing I must mention about the live version of "Ecstasy"......how in the heck does Wally do it?

12-strings are hard to get in tune, to begin with, not to mention getting a good tone. When you add distortion and/or overdrive, it usually means a recipe for disaster for most guitarists.

You get a sound that is really sludgy, and either annoying or unintelligible.

Wally seems to have this ability of giving the 12-string side enough extra kick/dirt, without having it sound like sludge....and also sound melodic.....plus being able to switch back to the 6-string side with ease, of course.

It's thoroughly amazing he can walk the fine line and pull it off.....it gets no better than this!!

You really need to come to the states and check this out!!

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ecstacy has always been one my favs...as far as live goes..every song the guys do has something new, or sounds more like a rock tune... i've got a new appreciation for "dont want to say goodbye" and when they do the am radio simulation thing in "overnight sensation" it'll make the hair on your neck stand up....oh yeah 12 hours is nothing!

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The amazing thing is nobody but nobody can play guitar like Wally. I have been with him since before the Raspberries and he still amazes me today. As for playing the doubleneck, no one does it better and it is sooo heavy. The nice thing is that it holds tune almost perfectly. I take it out of the case and minimal touch up on the tuning is needed. This is night after night, year after year. They just don't make guitars like that anymore. It is truly a classic and Wally really enjoys playing it

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I think this is a great explanation of the magic that is this song. It grabs your attention from the very beginning and never once lets go. If I were to compare it to an amusement-park ride, it would be a roller coaster--one of the old wooden ones that shakes you 16 ways come Sunday and never relents with the speed, the crazy high hills, the deep, deep valleys, the twists and turns, and the constant sensation that you're about to get thrown off the damn thing into the woods somewhere. You spend several minutes in a state of sheer terrified exhilaration, until you finally roll into the station at the end of the ride saying "What was THAT?!?!?"

It's the very definition of "power pop" at its best...all that crunchy amazing guitar bound up with an incredible melody line and gorgeous harmony. You could play the thing on a piano and it would sound like a pretty little ditty...but then you take three guitars and a drum kit to it and it's devastating.

Long live "Ecstacy" or "Ecstasy" or whatever you want to call it!

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I remember reading the liner notes to my Capitol Reaspberries Greatest on Cd when I purchased it some 20 years ago, and there is quotes like "no band has ever been better that this song" and "should have been the single". To this day, the opening cords and riffs are like a firework display for your ears. I still have to explain the definition of the word to my nieces and nephews. Geez.

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