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Wow~! Look at this!

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I found a web site that has created a archive of old websites dating back to the 1990s. Amongst their holdings are tons of archived EricCarmen.com pages from various months and years. And the coolest thing is that somehow all of the LINKS actually work. So, it really is like going back in time. Check it out, it's extremely cool:



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bernie,just read the chuck berry experience...legend or not..what a prick!!but the way eric describes it makes u feel as if you were there!!fun stuff to read cause in a roundabout way i heard somewhere about the gigs w/him somewhere along the way..a must read for not only berries fans,but rockers in general..and yes,the scene between chuck & keith richards in the movie is halarious!!!chris

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It's way cool to look back at the website in its virtual infancy! Around when I discovered it in our public library and immediately decided I *had* to have the internet!

I think a lot of those posters are still around. They may just be sitting back, taking it all in.

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane!

smile --Darlene

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Hey! Maybe you guys remember my classic article in which I explained that despite my youth and femaleness I did not regard myself as one of the "teenyboppers" that Raspberries/EC music had been relegated to by the rock critics who disrespected it so. (Please don't repeat my name if you have it...I'd just rather be anonymous on the Internet, is all!)

Sure, I was very young when I first became a fan, and I make no secret of the fact that all those youthful bubbling female hormones helped things along quite a bit. But at the same time that I was listening to this supposed "teenybopper" band, I knew NOT A SOUL MY OWN AGE who was listening to them. My sisters turned me on to them, not my peers. My peers were all listening to the Osmonds and David Cassidy--stuff I considered to be true "teenybopper music" and had no interest in whatsoever. They had no clue about any Raspberries and would probably have had no interest in them anyway. So to me this was not a teenybopper band at all. I felt I liked them precisely BECAUSE my musical tastes were more sophisticated than those of my peers--and by the time I was about 16 or 17, I was writing about it! In fact, the articles I wrote for C*C back in those days gave me my first fellow-fan pen pals--my first feeling that anyone else out there felt about this music the way I did...and they also did something critically important for me personally and career-wise: they awakened me to the power I had to affect people with my words. I was never the same after that. I knew I had to be a writer. Some way, some how.

Unfortunately, I have only about one copy of the old C*Cs that I can lay my hands on now and I don't even think I had an article in that one. Yet those newsletters, fluffy as they may seem now, were a critical step on the way to my growth and maturity as a writer. At least I like to think so.

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