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DAY 10: Hope everyone had fun!

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Okay…Day 7! I think I'm over the hump now with three more days to go :-) Today's video is just a short little interview. Once again, Eric gets a bit emotional when he mentions his son, Clayton. But my favorite part is the little banter at the end between the two news anchors. It's really cool that they mention Springsteen as well. For years, that was an oft-told, but never substantiated rumor. Bruce himself proved it true when he started dedicating songs to the 'Berries during live performances in 2005 and singled out "Overnight Sensation" as "one of the best little pop symphonies you’ll ever hear."

Look for another new mini-video tomorrow plus some blockbuster offerings to close-out the celebration this weekend!


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Congrats Lee!!!

You know Matt, isn't it great that we know who Ricky and the Tooth are??? I wondered about that everytime I heard that song. I also think the lyrics in that song barely touched the tip of the iceberg that is the recording industry and I remember thinking when I first heard the song "Is he going to get in trouble for saying those things????!!!!"

We know so much more behind those lyrics now.

Thanks Bernie and Eric!!!

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I just heard "No Hard Feelings" & Eric forgot the line "So tomorrow come what may looks like it's Ricky & The Tooth". eek Matt

I just listened to it too Matt and you're right on the money - one line from the song was missed. I don't think too many people there that night really noticed that part was missing. I probably wouldn't have if you hadn't mentioned it.


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I noticed it too, Matt (great minds...)

Cool reconstruction of the end of the song....NHF is probably my favorite Eric Carmen song (outside of "Boats Against The Current").. mainly because of the lyrics.. and the rock&roll explosion at the end of the song..

Man... I would love to hear the Raspberries play it...Wally Bryson's guitar would kick the crud out of that song!

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Have I gone and BLOWN it again? Thanked Bernie when I should have thanked Kathy? Again?

Ungrateful wretch that I am. I stand here...hanging my head in shame. I am NOT worthy. shocked

As such I hereby donate my prize pin...to me. crazy

Thanks Kathy. You ARE terrifc. Bernie...you're pretty freakin' wonderful too. I am blessed,,,by humans...and my association with them. insane ] .

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