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DAY 10: Hope everyone had fun!

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Clear your browser cache and check out the HOME PAGE for more audio treats, a RARE video clip and to see if you're one of the lucky winners of a Limited Edition EricCarmen.com pin! We're picking a new batch of winners each day of the 10 Day Celebration—and you can enter every day—so keep trying!


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Alright! A cloisonne pin of Eric's first album!

I just received my Japanese reissues, but haven't gotten a chance to listen yet. Just LOOKING at them is a hoot! They are SOOO cool!

Little "masterpieces" of art!

EC.com really knows how to throw a BIG bash!!!

Congratulations, everyone!!!

smile --Love, Dar

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Wow! Nice sound on that microphone. There's so much compression on it I sound like Truman Capote! That is sooo weird.

I've heard "Sunrise" before , but I'm not sure I've ever heard the rest of this stuff. I would have remembered. God, the vocal sound is just awful! No reverb, no eq, and so much compression I can feel the G forces distorting my face. Ugh. ec

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I knew it - I said to pete as we were listening today "eric's not going to like it" BUT you do not sound like truman capote - I am still laughing at that comparison! Would "pitchy" in spots be accurate? (no, I'm not Simon Cowell in drag!)

You had to have been happy with "sunrise" - it sounded very much like the recording but with that live energy an audience brings.

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