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The EricCarmen.com Garage Sale Is Coming!


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Two years ago I had a brilliant idea to help pay for the EricCarmen.com web site hosting. Rather than dig in my own wallet for the funds (as I did for the previous decade), I held an auction and raised enough money to keep everything online without it costing me a cent. This year I'm doing it again.

Between you and me, I don't know how I'm gonna top last year's AMAZING selection of autographs, memorabilia and Raspberries reunion souvenirs! But I'm willing to give it a go!

Once again, the EricCarmen.com Garage Sale will feature twenty-five exciting auctions lots of memorabilia, autographs and one-of-a-kind collectibles. The auction will start on Sunday, January 28 and close one week later. Good luck everybody, and thanks for your continued support of EricCarmen.com!


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Kathy - can't Marlene and I have a "real" garage sale at your house???? psychwink

of course, I'm kidding...I wouldn't want to stir up trouble all the way from NEW ZEALAND to ENGLAND, would I?

*Hmmmmm I don't know.... You DO have a quote from Hannibal Lecter in you siggy after all! laugh
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Annie said...

I wouldn't want to stir up trouble all the way from NEW ZEALAND to ENGLAND, would I?
Annie... I should think not... I'm pleased to see you are considering International relationships here...Maybe you could be the American Ambassador to New Zealand..


Happy New Year..

Muzza cool

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Mr.E! You know me too well! I will have to change my avatar and saying so that I am not as transparent!!

Muzza - if I was US Ambassador to any country, I am positive we would be at war with that country...one too many martinis and i have loose lips!! Although, any country you live in I would be proud to serve on behalf of America...I wouldn't get much done because i'd be in your backyard all day chatting up Kiwi and drinking YOUR beer.

Julia, there is a framed set of handwritten lyrics on Bernie's wall that I would kill for (don't worry Kathy..you and the girls are safe) and it would break my heart if I lost them at auction (THANK GOD I know they will never be in the auction!!!)

Gord, it's not too involved to set up ebay and paypal accounts...takes a couple of minutes. There might be something you'd really like to have and the prices were very good two years ago.

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