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No Balcony Seating

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I am considering organizing a world record attempt prior to the dinner or after the M&G. We could hold the biggest streak to/back to the hotel of choice. This in of itself will not be the record. Of note will be the attempt of a significant number of naked middle aged people trying to outrun the Cleveland Police. I hope it's not toooo cold.

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If we're a very large group, the HOB might tell us what time to show?

I can't stand not knowing every detail......it's killing me but....as someone once said

"All in good time, my pretty......all in good time"

(like the Halloween reference?? NO?? OK...i'll be quiet now.)

annie laugh

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"All in good time...."

winner is: Wicked Witch from the "Wizard of Oz"

If anyone happens to get to NYC, PLEASE try to see "Wicked" a musical about the two witches from the Wizard of Oz BEFORE they meet Dorothy.

Phenomenal show!!! Saw it twice and have the soundtrack in the car.

of course....I never listen to it....I only listen to the Raspberries.....


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