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No Balcony Seating

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hof63 - Just watch the board every day. Bernie is trying to coordinate a dinner get together on 11/26 for board members, if the HoB allows - and I think they will - no promises, just keep your fingers crossed. As soon as he can work out the details he'll post -

Sorry If I am speaking for you Bernie - just trying to keep the same thread from appearing in 10 different places.


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I didn't notice this before on the HoB website:

Pass the Line: Ticket holders who dine at the House of Blues Restaurant on the day of the show will be allowed to "pass the line" for the concert.

Works for me.


It also pertains to if you buy 30.00 in the HOB gift shop. I saw Liz Phair at the Chicago HOB in March. My friend and I did both. We ended up leaning on the front of the stage dead center with Liz 2 ft directly in front of us! So yeah, it's worth it to spend the extra few bucks if you can!...


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Any dinner get together where we can all meet and get out of the line, put me down for 2.

This VIP ticket thing may actually work out for all of us, in light of Erics comments of getting us in the meet and greet.

I bought my GA for insurance while I pursued the VIP tickets. Plan was to keep both and bounce around, but had to get to the M&G.

I didn't realize originally the setup of the HOB with the reserved all up above, usually a presale gets you closer to the first few rows below. I was discussing this with Bernie the other day that it's really better even for the band to have the true fans up by the stage. They get more feedback, and it makes for a better dvd. I've heard many a national act lament the fact that all they can see is the first 10 rows and they are filled with industry suits and their disinterested guest.

I went to see Brian Setzers Christmas special last year in Seattle at the paramount where they created this setup, by building a floor over the lower seats. Bought the GA, watched the show from the stage front and was actually glad I did not buy reserved balcony. Lot bigger place though.

It seems to me that there is no bad seat/standing position in the HOB.

This quick sellout should help generate buzz and promter interest.

Seattle Steve

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My sister and I will go the HOB dinner also. I have two more tickets so I assume that whoever is going with us will also go. I still like the idea of standing down front instead of sitting in the balcony seats. Does anyone know from past experience at any HOB concert if you need GA tickets to be on the floor or if you can go there with the balcony seat tickets also. I'd assume you would be able to. It was great to see that Eric has been paying attention to the board. I wonder if he checks it as much as we do laugh

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Now...you guys this is more excitement than I can possibly handle.... a naked, seething throng of fans in a mosh pit in front of the band.

the visualization of the orgy has distracted me from my usual stream of consciousness that would be saying "well, I hope I'm not too full from dinner to bounce around naked...what will I pin my Berries Ribbon to if I am sans apparel???.....I wonder if anyone will notice the stretch marks...nah...an orgy is an orgy...if you're gonna get picky, why bother?"

I wonder if Eric or Wally will be "pit surfing"???


Anyway, I will be bringing the hubby, so it's 2 for dinner and the naked orgy mosh pit



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Might I suggest we schedule the orgy for either before or after the show. I wouldn't want to be distacted during the show. Orgies can be terribly distacting.

It sounds like everyone will be having dinner at the HoB before the show. The "pass the line" line may well end up being longer than the line being passed! What time would be a good time to show up? Show time is listed as 9:00. What time do doors open, 8:00? If so, I'm thinking we should show up for dinner around 6:00 or 6:30.

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