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Raspberries Reunion Report II


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Jim, Wally and Eric had their first rehearsal yesterday. Dave (the only member who lives out of state) is expected to join in on the fun soon. Early word is that it sounded "great!" (What else would you expect with Wally plugged in :-)

Some songs they kicked around were "Go All the Way, "I Wanna Be With You," "Tonight," "Come Around And See Me," "Nobody Knows" and "If You Change Your Mind!"


PS: "If You Change Your Mind!?!" I think my head just exploded! :-)

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June, I've been praying and thinking positively for this. So have a lot of people. When you get vibes that strong, it WILL happen! Even Eric couldn't have stopped this snowball from rolling down the mountain...! I am really into Dr. Wayne Dyer. He was on Channel 13 (PBS in NJ) the other day. He says "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." He's right. I usually am grossly overworked by my boss with a schedule that's almost twice everyone else's. I looked at all the potential string students and said, "THIS year, this schedule will be smaller and fit into the same number of classes everyone else has every year." (I usually teach 7 or more classes a week than everyone else because everyone signs up for lessons with me). I kept saying it and my husband said, "Dream on. There's just too many kids." I believed, and for the first time in 25 years, I have a NORMAL sized schedule. A lot of kids' parents decided they didn't want them taken out of class. I looked at it differently and it DID change. Wait till I drop it on my boss! He doesn't know it yet. He always says, "You're such a great teacher--you'll be able to do it (twice as much as everyone else.)

I said this year "I'm not going to kill myself with a heart attack trying to teach eleven kids in every class, and he just said, "You will."

Well, this year, I won't have to. BELIEVE!!! There is more power in belief than one can possibly imagine. There WILL be a Raspberries Reunion!

smile --Darlene

smile --Darlene

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Sorry gang; Had trouble with my computer the last few weeks and was unable to log on. Trying to get info on the Raspberries Reunion Tour..scanning thru all the message relating to this event. I will do whatever it takes to be there. Agree with all that has been said about this event...can't wait!!!! By the way...Read my signed copy of Marathon Man. WOW!!!! Fantastic!! Was glad to see that RUDY'S Bar in Albany, NY was listed as one of the paid gigs. I was there!!


Suffolk, Virginia

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