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So what's the story behind this? I thought I had read in an interview with Eric when the album came out that he had written this for the Warren Beatty film. Is this true or not? It should have been it's still one of my favorite films and I think Eric could have had a big hit with it


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It really makes you wonder. I think "Wild Wild Heart" was slated for a Disney movie (which would have given Eric great exposure) and got pulled in favor of something else. It's such a great song, I wonder what replaced it? Kirk.

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While on the subject of songs that didn't make a movie.

Remember the movie Heroes with Henry Winkler and Sally Fields?

At the end, after the dramatic flashbacks of Vietnam and she's crying holding him the song "Carry On My Wayward Sons" starts blasting and the movie just came together and the song made more sense than ever.

I bought the VHS and they changed the song to some song called "Heroes" that might as well have been "Feelings" on acoustic guitar. crazy

My brother just saw it on cable and said "Carry On" was back in. Whew! happy

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