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Change Of Heart

Craig Benfer

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I was in my car listening to one of my 70's mp3 discs, and "Change Of Heart" came on. (I made mp3 discs of every year in the 70's each with about 150 songs. I always play in shuffle mode)

It doesn't seem to be a favorite among Eric's fans, but I must say that I enjoy hearing it. It's catchy and I find myself singing along just like so many of his other songs. Which brings a question to mind. How many of you sing out loud in the car?

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CraigBenfer, "Cause If You Ever Have A Change Of Heart, Just Remember", I love that song, had the record, I lost that record.

So now, I am looking for that record, again.

As a matter of fact, I like the whole record.

I don't have a car, can't drive, I'm partially

colored blind.

I was told by my eye doctor not to drive, becuase

of the weird colors of highway signs.

Solid colors are ok, it's blended ones.

When I paint, I go with my instincts.

And matching.

It is hard, believe me, I wish I could drive.

I'm 45, I'm missing out on life.

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Soon Mike, Soon.

Though I don't care much for the, "Do do do do do do do dos at the end of the chorus on the demo and Samantha's version.

The "Change of Heart" album seemed to have bad tempo choices in several songs like "Change of Heart" "Haven't We Come..." and the unforgivable slow dragging beat of the classic "Hey Deanie".

Carmen must have been wandering around the studio during that time muttering "Eric doesn't do disco, Eric doesn't do disco"...But he had a budget and a deadline...

Maybe Mike Miller has software in his studio that can speed up the tempo of "Hey Deanie" without altering the key?...Add a little bottom end and raise up the guitar track in the mix...and we have a Carmen classic remix the way it should have been in the first place.

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I always sing in the car, and it's a habit my husband and my 2 year old have picked up too, so we're often seen singing to Eric's songs while we drive down the highway.

Years ago I had a boyfriend who was quite angry that I had been driving downtown in the small town we lived in, and I was singing at the top of my lungs in the car. He had driven right past me, and I hadn't noticed him, as I was too busy belting out the song. As the windows were up, no one could hear me, but he was upset that I looked stupid, and therefore it reflected badly on him (he was not the type to have a demonstrative girlfriend in any way). Needless to say I dumped his sorry ass later that year, and I still sing in the car, no matter how silly I look.

BTW, it was "Make me Lose Control" that I was singing that fateful day.



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You know, I've always rather enjoyed "Change of Heart" and "She Did It". Not because they are major wonderful creations, but, just because they are fun, bouncy songs. Both are great to exercise too!

Sing in the car?? Always!!! I have a 15 mile commute each way to work every day. I rarely encounter any other traffic as it's a hilly 2-lane road (and, it's very beautiful, I might add--in the heart of western Iowa's Loess Hills). I sing my little heart out and especially like to harmonize. (for the record, I suck---lol--but, I still like to do it!)


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I always sing in the car, sometimes I even dance (more or less, considering the available space). I only got some really weird looks once when I was singing alone in the car, and I was in a devilish mood, so I decided to give em something to look at. I stopped singing and pretended to pick my nose. haha

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Hmmmm ..... actually Tony, I do have software that will do that. WEEKEND PROJECT!!! No, wait a minute .... Eric lives about an hour or so from me. He'd probably show up with the legal eagles & haul my sorry butt off to court. Always thought "Hey Deanie" would have sounded great Berryized. Dream on Mikey, dream on.

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Mike! Do it, Do it! Send a copy to Bernie (and me)

so he can share it the next mp3. If you are just speeding up the beat and raising the guitar track, that's not really a remix, just a tweak. I'll pay your legal fees if Eric lawyers up. Ask Bernie if it is OK. It's not like you are making money on it. So who would object?

I'm sure Eric wouldn't mind, since he has to know by now he blew it with the tempo of that song.

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