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Terry Sylvester (Hollies)


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Again, Mr. Krider's analysis is very much appreciated. Having been a Hollies fan since I was a kid, the Clarke/Hicks/Sylvester/Elliot/Calvert years were extremely fruitful. Mr. Clarke rejoined the Hollies in 1973 after a brief solo stint.

Anyway, please do not judge the Hollies too harshly due to some misstatements and a tour without Mr. Clarke. They have a cool box set that is highly recommended, a very under appreciated band historical wise, After watching the debacle of the latest round of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees (Black Sabbath, Blondie and Lynard Skynard), it would probably be wise to focus our negative attentions elsewhere when analyzing the history of rock.

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Here's an example of what the Hollies were like on stage during the Rickfors period. Well, sort of--I know they also did a lot of "mellower" material from Romany and Distant Light during their shows at this point, which can be an acquired taste and surely bored the pants off those young-'uns riled up by the '72 Raspberries. I'd have missed Clarkey as much as anyone, but for most Hollies fans at least, this era of the band was odd but not without merit.


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