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I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine


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Okay...in an effort to get back to the music on this Message Board, I thought that I'd innaugurate something new. I'm calling it "Song of the Week". I'll pick a specific song each week that we are to listen to (homework!) and then talk about. Make believe you've heard it for the first time. Tell a story about when you first heard it. Explain why you never liked it in the first place. But stay on topic!

First up, is the song "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine," from STARTING OVER. This is a tune that most people wouldn't have on their Top 10 list (let alone their Top 20), so I relistened to it a few times yesterday on my iPod (you gotta hear some songs at least a couple of times and through headphones to really hear 'em anew). Needless to say, this song ROCKS!

Eric's voice has never been stronger, nor more passionate. I absolutely love when he slips in that improvised "Yea-ah" in the middle of the second chorus. And the drumming? Mike McBride is pounding to the tenth power. A literal series of small arms fire and explosive volleys throughout the song. Quite impressive.

I also love how the song builds in instrumentation. That's something that you may not immediately hear when you've listened to this stuff as much as I have. Subtle stuff, but very involved construction, no doubt. The tune starts as a ballad, and the first verse is essentially backed by guitar. For the second verse, a piano's distinctive sound is blended into the mix. Then we get the full band sound on the chorus. We're then treated to the addition of a sparse bass for verse 3, which is augmented once again by the piano for verse 4. This is really cool production, folks. Listen to it again to hear how interestingly different verse 3 (with the bass) differs from verse 1 (with the guitar). Eric and Jimmy were definitely kicking it up a few notched for this LP!

A discussion of "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine" wouldn't be complete without mentioning Wally's great guitar solo, so I will. Wally plays in a little different style here than what's expected. Slower, more melodic, almost weeping. Perfection on a six-string. I tell you, the fact that Wally is not celebrated side-by-side with Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and all of the other guitar greats is undoubtedly the biggest crime of all. He was INCREDIBLE!

Well, that's it for me. Go have a listen and add your thoughts.

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"I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine' is one of my ultimate favourite tracks EVER. It gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. I love the vocals, words and all the instrumentation, in fact I just love everything about it. I"ve had it on tape that I have for my walkman and in my car for years, and it will certainly always be in my Top 10.


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Your description of the song is excellent. Eric is truly passionate on this song. It ranks among his top 15-20 ballads, in my opinion (all masterpieces). ICHBYM is one of Eric's most intense songs, yet the pace is moderate. Much more passionate than the title track.


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This whole album would be my 'desert island' pick and "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine" is one of the reasons why--And it's not even close to being the number 1 or 2 best song on the album! Eric had a vision of the song and he and Scott wrote side by side on this one.

Some things to add to Bernie's most excellent review: I like the way the synth kicks in the tremelo like an old Hammond organ. I like the way Michael drums on the second verse, kind of like Willie Nelson sometimes sings, coming in on the backside of the beat. I like Eric's Honky Tonk playing on the middle eight.

I think the desire to succeed with this line up in addition to the Carmen/McCarl writing magic and great production shine through to make this the Raspberries best overall effort. Kirk.

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Bernie, I have all those songs on the compilation

cd, that's the only song I don't have.

Can I buy a CD single of that song any where?

I really dont want to pay $23.00 for one song.

It's ok Bernie, I will wait for the next question on a different song,ok

I have patients, that's a great idea to have a song a week to work on, i like that>

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Bernie, ICHBYM has always been in my top 10 Eric songs for the pure beauty and emotion it carries. When I posted my scenario poll way back when, this song was my 1st or 2nd choice to let Eric do the talking for me with that special someone. Besides the fact that it's gorgeous, there is such raw passion/hunger in it, that it sounds like he will never get enough of her even though she IS his! I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! And then there are all the musical reasons you named. You're so MUSICAL, what are you doing in ADVERTISING???!!!

smile --Darlene

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I would venture a guess that "ICHBYM" was absolutely bone-jarringly awesome when performed live! Probably, by the end of the song, your heart would have been knocked into McBride's drum rhythm and you probably stood a good chance of dying of cardiac arrest when it came to an end! Whoa!

I love the beginning of this song--it's tenderness is like foreplay--lips gently caressing, fingertips running lightly along my flesh. The building of the lyrics and the music is akin to the blood pumping through my veins, the air filling my lungs and rushing out--limbs entwined.......well,.......you get the idea.

Eric's vocals are amazing--his voice has so much life and color and emotion to it. Hard to believe that he finds it so painful to listen to.....I find it incredible. His inflection is perfection. He has so much more control over his vocals than the average "Joe Rock Star" does. There aren't a lot of artists that can pull that off with the finesse that he does. This song is certainly a showcase for that talent.

Lately, I've been making a point to listen for the instrumental parts rather than just focusing on the vocals. I have been really been blown away by Wally's guitar playing. I saw him on a video and it's almost as if the guitar is an extension of himself--the joy on his face while playing was exciting. He makes it look so effortless. All of the instruments on this song are powerful. These guys are definitely the masters of the slow, deliberate build. This cut is filled with lots of little surprises--the organ, the piano, the layers.

From my own experience, I play alto clarinet and have for many years. Most people don't even notice the instrument in the band, but once you know what to listen for and you train yourself to "hear" the part, you find that it does add some needed color to the music.

Thanks for the homework, Bernie. It was quite enjoyable!


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The song, Cartoon World, from Winter Dreams.

In a cartoon world you don't have to worry about

being loved then all of a sudden stepped on or ignored.

You don't feel the hurt pain from others.

You do not have to worry about your heart falling apart.

A wish to be part of the cartoon world rather than excepting reality are two diffrent thing of


The life you have is a journey.

Their are obstacles in the way of your journey, good and bad, the bad we all learn from.

You can all ways alter a cartoon, but, real life you cannot.

People say life is what you make it, well no, not really, your all ways going to meet some that

will bring you down with them.

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As usual Bernie you are right on with your analysis of I Can Hardly Believe Your Mine. A great song by a great songwriter and band. Wally's contributions, with the exception of this venue, seem to go unnoticed in the music world. What a shame!

Starting Over was a great album. One of the best ever. Perhaps had it sold better, Eric, Waly, and the gang would be given their just rewards that they so richly deserve.

Terrific Idea Bernie this song of the month. Can't wait for the nest installment.


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