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Eric and the new Star Wars movie!

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In the tradition of "All By Myself" overkill, is there any truth to the rumor that there is a scene in "Revenge Of The Sith" where a young Darth Vader is staring out of a spaceship window at his newly conquered galaxy, reflectively pondering the consequences of turning to the dark side...WHILE "ALL BY MYSELF" IS PLAYING ON THE SOUNDTRACK!?!

Goerge Lucas knows an inter-galactic hit when he hears one. spin

I mean, I still never get tired of hearing my 1983 "Ewok Nation" CD. Those are some classic little furry tunes...

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Yeah, I heard that Yoda has actually released his own collection of cover versions of classic Raspberries hits:

"All the Way You Should Go"

"With You I Wanna Be"

"Pretend, Let Us"

and, just as a bonus for all us EC fans, he even included

"Fall In Love Again, Never Will I"

"Lose Control, Make Me"

Yoda you gotta hand it to. How to make a hit record he sure knows. Just look at his reworked lyrics for "Overnight Sensation":

"Well, it is not funny, I know

But for the money, I am not in it, no

No reputation do I need

And for the show, I am not in it

Just a hit record, do I want

On the radio, do I want to hear it

Just a hit record, do I want

One that got to know, everybody has

Well, if pulling it the program director don't do

Back the bullet it's just gotta get

So down to the station bring the group

An overnight sensation you're gonna be!

Well, the lyric I'm trying to write

Non-offensive but satiric, too, it must be

And if in the A-shot you can get it

Well, a mint for you it's just gotta make

To a good melody I fit my words

How success has been ignoring me for so long, it's amazing

Making demos all day, my bread I do use

In the night I do write, while I hear in my head

Playing the record...

A hit record, yeah, I do want!

A hit record, yeah, I do want!

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