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NYC roll call


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I stayed at the Edison about 2 years ago. The rooms are comfortable, a little dated and on the small side, but it was clean and safe. The only problem was we stayed on the 3rd floor and our room was directly above the nightclub on the 2nd floor of the hotel! We had no idea until the band started to play around 10 p.m. and because we turned in early we were in bed and didn't feel like changing rooms, we suffered through the noise until about 3 AM when the club closed!! So ask for a room in the higher floors and you should have no problem. The lobby is gorgeous-art deco. I believe they filmed a video for MTV there. Can't remeber the band!!! Hope this helps. The restaurant in the Edison is reasonably priced and serves diner style food. We had breakfast there and the food was good. happy

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Even though I very rarely post, I will be at both shows with my kids...I saw The Raspberries back in 75 in Conn. and they were phenomenal...I went to the John Waite show at B.B. Kings this past weekend at it is a great place to see a show...If Bill Green is out there, give me a call...I am in the phone book...The Beer man-Dave

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Thanks to Smittie for the information on the Edison. Ran into a review for the hotel today which also stressed the Art Deco surroundings (which I think is pretty neat to begin with) but also warned to get a room above the 5th floor to avoid the noise of the street and, apparently, the club below.

Considering the rate of sale for tickets in Chicago, and the fact that BB Kings is on for 2 nights, I guess I shouldn't be surprised there are still tickets available. Twas a tense few hours yesterday before consulting Ticketmaster, nonetheless.

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Hello Everyone,

This is Jason from Orlando (formerly JasonOrlando).

I couldn't figure out what my old password was, so I had to re-register.

Count me in for NY!!

I bought tix to both shows. Sadly, I was unable to secure VIP tickets though. Hopefully there will be additional shows closer to home (maybe even HOB or HRL Orlando!) with VIP tix...

NY in July is quite difficult for me- it's a long distance from home, and the expenditure is tough since summer is when I travel to visit family in Michigan. And, I am a rollercoaster fanantic. Those of you from Ohio (maybe even the 'Berries themselves) are most likely familiar with Cedar Point and Put-in-Bay. CP is the greatest rollercoaster park on the planet, with 16 coasters, many of which are record-breaking behemoths the likes of which aren't found anywhere else on the planet, combined with a 125+ year-old historic lakefront summer resort. Put-In-Bay is probably Ohio's best-kept secret (Raspberries aside!); a beautiful historic resort island on Lake Erie with quaint turn-of-the-century fishing village charm, combined with friendly people, awesome live music, and a party scene that personifies Key West and Mardi Gras combined. Usually my Summer vacation consists of CP and PIB, but I will likely not be able to manage two long-distance Summer vacations this year, so NY it is!

I noticed that so many people from this site are going, including new friends I met in Chicago, and hey- it's a chance to the the Raspberries on back-to-back nights!

So count me in! Looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting new faces.

I've been off the boards for awhile as I have been swamped with work, so there are probably alot of posts I haven't read. I am unfamiliar with the NY area, so if anyone can give me a few tips as to economical hotels in the area, that would be great. Also, not sure if we are going to drive or fly, but if we fly, are there any carpool options with fellow EC/Raspberries board members from the airport to the vicinity of the venue? Fill me in.



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Hey Jason, There is no such thing as an economical hotel in Manhattan. A cheap hotel runs close to about $100 a night and you will likely have to share a bath. You can find a decent hotel in Manhattan for around $150 a night. I'll be staying at The New Yorker which is right next to MSG and runs $150/night. If you are on a budget, my advice would be to stay in NJ and take the NJ Transit into Penn Station. I know there are others looking for room mates to defray costs so that is also an option. I believe Annie is looking into getting a group rate in Secaucus, NJ which is just across the river so you might get with her. I recommend taking the train into Manhattan rather than driving. The only down side to that is that the NJ transit from Penn station doesn't run in the wee hours (1:30am to 5:00am) I had to leave a Yankees game once as it ran long and I had to get to Penn to catch the last train out of the city.

Regarding transport from the airport, it will depend which airport you arrive. JFK and Newark both have rail service. I don't think Laguardia does, however. Newark would be the most convinient.

Jennifer will try to tell you that the best place to stay is in the South Bronx but don't believe her!!!!!

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This was one of the most dissapointing times that I have seen Waite...He was having trouble with the equipment, was pissed about that all night, played a real short set and left out a couple of big hits including "When I See You Smile" and "Everytime I Think of You"...Did a Zepplin song as an encore and it sounded like the first time that they had even attempted it...Definitely an inferior show to the one I saw a few months ago at the Wolf Den in Ct.

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