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Family Guy

Reid C.

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I'm a big "Family Guy" fan. You have to "get" the show, otherwise just about everything they do on it seems offensive. In the clip, Peter (the Dad) was comparing a situation he was involved in with the bad idea for filming a "real" ending to "Dirty Dancing" where Patrick Swayze's character gets arrested for having sex with "Baby," who is underage. The next scene features Swayze in a prison bed with another convict getting in next to him while "Hungry Eyes" plays. C'mon, that's funny!



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Believe me Bernie, I "get it", and I was rolling on the ground when I watched it. The Spousal Unit came running in demanding to know why was I laughing so hard and was that HE on the TV? Family Guy is tasteless and offensive and one of the funniest shows on TV. I might have been a bit "dry" in my original post. Always watch both the network and lose sleep over the Adult Swim reruns. Don't know why, but every time I think of Brian trying to jump through the closed car window, I just crack up. insane


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